While Gov. Andrew Cuomo was taking a victory lap on Wednesday for the passage of his free tuition plan for public colleges in New York, Assemblyman James Skoufis has introduced a bill that would repeal a post-graduate in-state work requirement.

The provision requires those whose tuition is fully subsidized by the state for SUNY or CUNY degrees live and work in New York for up to four years. Exceptions are made for post-graduate education and hardship, while other programs that provide tuition or loan assistance also have in-state requirements.

Those who leave the state to work would have their grant converted into a loan.

“Let’s face it: there are many shortcomings and missed opportunities with the Excelsior Scholarship,” said Skoufis. “The in-state work requirement, however, is among the most egregious and punitive. We border five other states, for crying out loud, with countless taxpaying New Yorkers working in places like Northern New Jersey and Connecticut. This destructive provision needs to be quickly repealed.”

Skoufis was an initial sponsor of a free tuition program for SUNY schools.

The requirement was added in by Senate Republicans over concerns that young people are leaving the state.

Cuomo on Tuesday in Rochester defended the provision.

“We’re investing in students who are in New York and we’ll pay for your college education, but we want that asset to stay in New York,” Cuomo said. “We want that student to stay in New York and that’s why we’re educating that student.”