State lawmakers on Wednesday are digging in for another long night as a remaining budget bill is elusive so far.

This revenue bill, being dubbed the budget’s “big ugly” for this year, is expected to include nearly every controversial issue in the budget, including a millionaires tax extension, ride hailing for upstate, the 421a real-estate abatement and raising the age of criminal responsibility.

“We’re working on it,” said Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle. “Obviously revenue is a significant bill. We continue to work on that. We continue to work on other appropriation bills and our charge is to do what we can do, let’s do what’s in front of us.”

Assembly Democrats exited a brief closed-door conference this morning not ruling out staying here until Friday.

Morelle said the Legislature remains in town to get the budget completed.

“I tell members they should plan on being here until we’re done, so whatever that takes they should plan on being here to continue to work,” he said.

The Assembly will be taking up the budget bills already approved by the Senate late last night; the Senate is in a holding pattern awaiting that final piece of legislation.