Democratic Assemblyman Al Stirpe in a statement on Thursday said he may be taking a break from the legislative session as he recovers from a minor surgery needed to alleviate a hematoma.

In his statement, Stirpe said the subdural hematoma was brought on by a “bump to the head” that led to a persistent headache.

“My doctors have advised me to rest up for a bit, which really isn’t something I often do, but I’m taking advantage of the break in the Assembly session to follow doctor’s orders and should be back to full speed very soon,” Stirpe said.

“I may miss a few days in Albany when session starts back up, but I’ll be working the phones from here in Syracuse. There’s a lot of work left to be done in the final months of session, and I’m hopeful we can get traction on important issues like my bill to create a statewide paint stewardship program and ethics reform. And, of course, my office will remain fully open so that my staff and I can continue to address the needs of constituents in the district.”

Stirpe, a Syracuse-area lawamaker, has been in the Assembly since 2013.