Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Long Island City on Wednesday said all-Democratic rule in Albany “wasn’t an extraordinary success” but insisted he supported members of his own party in state elections.

“We’ve had a unified Democratic government in Albany,” Cuomo said. “It’s not a hypothetical. We’ve had it. It wasn’t extraordinarily successful. I work with the Assembly and Senate I’ve been given and I do the best I can.”

Cuomo is referring to the two years in which Senate Democrats held a narrow majority, marred by a Republican-launched coup of the chamber that paralyzed activity in Albany for a month as well as late budgets.

Democrats lost the majority in 2010, a wave year for the party and upheaval due to elections and corruption convictions and over the years remade the conference’s leadership.

Cuomo has come under pressure periodically from liberal organizations to back a full Democratic takeover the chamber. He’s endorsed candidates running in battleground districts and, in recent years, contributed to their campaigns from his own war chest.

But the left has also accused Cuomo of backing the eight-member Independent Democratic Conference in Albany — which has aligned with Republicans in the state Senate — to the detriment of mainline Democrats.

The issue may become a more potent one for Cuomo should he run for president in a Democratic primary in 2020. Cuomo has said he’s running for a third term in 2018 and is not seeking the presidency.

Cuomo last year backed a handful of Democrats running in suburban and upstate races. Republicans maintain a majority in the Senate with the help of Sen. Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn Democrat who conferences with the Senate GOP and is not a member of the IDC.

In January, Cuomo sought to smooth over that support in a private meeting told Republicans in the Senate upset with his support of Democratic candidates in the election he could have done more to help his party retake the Senate, but did not.

“I am a Democrat,” Cuomo said, “so I support Democrats.”

In a statement, Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy said, “In less than three weeks Democrats will comprise a majority of the New York State Senate and have the chance to be a progressive beacon to the rest of the nation as one of only 7 states with a Democratic ‘trifecta’ of control in both houses and the governorship. In the dangerous age of Donald Trump, all Democrats should recognize this historic opportunity to unite as a majority and work together to lead this great state forward.”