The Independent Democratic Conference on Wednesday isn’t interested in going anywhere until there is the ability to take concrete action on key issues for the left such as women’s rights and bolstering the rights of immigrants.

The IDC is rebuffing calls for unity from Democrats and liberal pressure groups to re-join the mainline conference of Democrats in the state Senate — calls that have intensified after the election of Brian Benjamin, who gives Democrats a numerical majority in the chamber.

“Thirty two is not a magic number unless there are 32 Democrats who are ready to stand up and unite on policies that combat Donald Trump,” said IDC spokeswoman Candice Giove.

Republicans retain power in the Senate with the membership of Sen. Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn Democrat. Felder on Wednesday raised eyebrows in Albany with a letter that urged IDC Leader Jeff Klein to return to the Democratic fold.

Updated: Senate Republicans released a statement in response to Felder’s call for Klein to join the mainline group of Democrats.

“Senator Felder is a valued and trusted member of our conference, and working together we have been able to accomplish many great things for for the people of his district and all of New York State,” said Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif.

But the IDC has pointed out throughout the week the votes for bills backed by liberals won’t necessarily materialize, even with a narrow Democratic majority in the Senate.

“Until we achieve unity and stand up for women, immigrants, and the most vulnerable New Yorkers, all talk about a majority is nothing more than meaningless rhetoric on the part of failed leadership,” Giove said. “The Independent Democratic Conference has made its positions and its values clear. We are asking every other Senator to do the same. It’s time to call the roll”