In a press release Friday, Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua, called for his colleagues to vote as soon as possible on a bill that would move the effective date for New York’s new ride-hailing regulations up ten days. The state Senate passed the same legislation earlier this week.

The bill in intended to get services like Uber in Lyft in place before the Fourth of July weekend. Legislators argue that wouldn’t have been a problem if the budget, of which ride-hailing was connected, was passed on time.

The legislation is currently supposed to take effect on July 9, but regulations could start by the end of June if the Assembly acts.

“Like any year, July 4 celebrations will be marked with festivities, parties, and an increased number of patrons to bars and restaurants,” Kolb said. “It is only logical that the implementation of ride-sharing aligns with the needs of communities and embraces the economic opportunity in front of us. Albany must advance this common-sense bill that requires little change, but will bring about enormous benefits for New Yorkers.

Ulster County Democrat Kevin Cahill is sponsoring the Assembly bill which is on the floor calendar for Monday.