Democratic Assembly candidate Christine Pellegrino this week was endorsed by dozens of women elected officials, including lawmakers in the chamber she hopes to join after the Tuesday special election.

“Christine Pellegrino has real-world experience in being a leader and a role model for so many,” said Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre. “She has the intellect and ability to bring people together to solve tough problems. Her successful career spent helping to create and build a number of movements for positive social change, would make her a fantastic fellow Assemblywoman.”

Pellegrino is vying for the Long Island Assembly seat vacated by Republican Joseph Saladino, who was appointed this year the Oyster Bay supervisor.

“I’m gratified that so many Assemblywomen have recognized my solid commitment to doing what’s best for our families,” Pellegrino said. “The Assembly is a nexus for women leaders– women who care about the environment, equality, and education. These women leaders are standing up for me because they know that I’ll stand with them when I get to Albany.”

All told, Pellegrino was endorsed by 39 elected women in the state Assembly. She has also netted a series of labor endorsements ahead of the special election.

She plans to push for issues ranging from child care access, pay equity and enhancing after-school programs if elected.

“I look forward to working with Christine on issues that impact all New Yorkers like education and healthcare. Christine’s passion for working families and dedication to women’s issues will be a great asset in the State Assembly,” said Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, a Queens Democrat.