Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an interview on NY1 Thursday said he would continue to seek a three-year extension of mayoral control of New York City schools, along with a proposal to strengthen and expand charter schools in the state.

“I think the compromise would be three years mayoral control and then you have a charter school package because the Senate won’t do it without charter schools,” Cuomo said. “Charter schools, I think everyone would agree, are here to stay in New York and they’re making a contribution.”

The stance is the same Cuomo held during the budget talks, when the mayoral control discussion fell out of the negotiations.

But it also puts Cuomo at odds with Assembly Democrats, who have been generally opposed to charter school expansion. Speaker Carl Heastie has called Senate-backed measures to extend mayoral control of New York City schools linked to lifting the statewide cap on charter schools dead on arrival.

In response to Cuomo’s latest statement, Heastie said through a spokeswoman, “We are fine with our bill.”

Cuomo, in the interview, said the Assembly is “really hostile to charter schools” and also acknowledged some Democratic lawmakers are also skeptical of extending mayoral control. He opened the door, also, to the possibility a compromise isn’t reached. Lawmakers are scheduled to leave Albany next Wednesday.

“It’s a bad sign when the issue isn’t done in the budget because it means it’s either not a priority or people think compromise isn’t feasible,” he said. “You ask the woman to marry you, Errol, and the woman says, let me think about it I’ll get back to you. That is not a good sign.”