Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie flatly said Wednesday night he would not bring his chamber back into session to vote on another extension of mayoral control of New York City schools.

Heastie pointed to the omnibus bill approved by the Assembly in May, which included both mayoral control to local tax extenders for county governments.

“We have no intention of coming back,” Heastie said after concluding the Assembly session. “We passed a bill for every single locality’s concerns.”

The Senate had sought to link an extension of mayoral control to expanding charter schools, which Heastie rejected.

Heastie acknowledged he was frustrated with the end of the session and the push for charter schools in the negotiations.

“I think overall in the budget we still had the third highest increase in foundation aid, free college tuition, raise the age was near and dear to us,” he said. “It was successful, but sometimes the politics frustrates you, just like I’m frustrated today.