The Livingston County Conservative Party is calling on members of the state Senate to reject their former colleague James Alesi’s nomination to the Public Service Commission. New York Daily News reporter Ken Lovett wrote Monday that the governor had pegged the Republican for the position, which pays 6-figures.

Alesi retired from the state Senate in 2013. County chairman Jason McGuire said he lacks the character and the qualifications needed for the job.

“Alesi does not have an education or professional background in any field at all related to what the PSC oversees,” Mcguire said. “What he does have is the governor’s most important qualification: loyalty to him.

Alesi was one of four Senate Republicans who voted for New York’s Marriage Equality Act in 2011. McGuire, a staunch opponent of gay marriage, said they betrayed their base.

In his release, McGuire did not mention the vote directly. He instead referenced a lawsuit the state Senator brought against a contractor after allegedly trespassing on a construction site and breaking his leg.

Alesi eventually dropped the suit.

“Alesi’s political career ended unceremoniously shortly after he sued the owners of a home in which he was illegally trespassing. His lack of character was a major reason that Republicans and Conservatives did not support him for re-election the following year,” McGuire said.

The Conservative leader said the governor knows he can control Alesi and Republicans would be doing themselves no favors by confirming the nomination.