An actor whose credits include several episodes of Star Trek and an episode of Seinfeld is launching a bid for the 23rd congressional district in the Southern Tier.

John Hertzler, who played a Klingon chancellor on several episodes of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” announced this weekend in a Facebook post he’s running for the seat held by Republican Rep. Tom Reed. But he’s doing it with a “twist” the actor wrote, saying he is “running in the persona of Mark Twain.”

“I made the announcement that I am now officially running for Congress, running against Tom Reed of the 23rd District of New York,” he said. “I disagree with everything Reed supports, including his unrelenting support of the Trumpster.”

As for the Twain impression, Hertzler said he wants to make this a “valentine to both Samuel Clemens and our own Hal Holbrook.”

“I will be making appearances thoughout the district of 11 counties, sometimes in my birth persona as JG Hertzler and at other times I will endeavor to present my ideas and policies through the brilliant humorist for all ages, Citizen Twain,” he wrote.