When is an “f-you” not an “f-you?”

Well, the Working Families Party in a telephone poll is being accused by an upset constituent of Sen. Jose Peralta of having a swear word uttered in the automated phone call. Only a recording provided to the State of Politics blog shows the opposite, that the recording for the poll says “thank you.”

The WFP had released the robocall’s results, showing Democratic voters by a majority in each district of the eight IDC lawmakers want their senators to return to the mainline Democratic fold.

The IDC had taken initial exception to how the poll was constructed. No crosstabs are being released and the questions themselves, they are argue, are of the “push poll” variety in which they appear loaded (i.e., the IDC is not in an official coalition with the Senate Republicans like they were in 2012-13).

Today, The New York Post reported one person had heard the call as saying “f– you” at the end of the automated, touch-dial response.

“Now that rogue Bill Lipton and his breakaway political party has claimed ownership of this shameful and vulgar push poll we look forward to a review by the State Board of Elections,” said Candice Giove, an IDC spokeswoman.

A recording of the call given to the State of Politics, however, clearly has the recorded voice saying “thank you.” The same goes for the recording in Spanish — in that case, “gracias.”

“The brutal and obvious fact that likely Democratic voters overwhelmingly want the Democratic Senators they voted for to stop supporting Trump Republicans should surprise no one,” said WFP State Director Bill Lipton. “Whether the IDC is being dismissive of the DNC Deputy Chair, or trying to discredit the results of a scientific survey, they can’t evade the truth their political position is totally untenable.”

The WFP on Monday also provided me an assessment from an independent pollster who had worked on Bernie Sanders’s campaign. In a phone interview, pollster Ben Krompak called a “perfectly straightforward question” and the results “accurately reflect the political environment.”

The WFP, along with a range of liberal pressure organizations and Democrats have been trying to push the IDC back to the mainline Democratic fold over the last several weeks, following the election of a 32nd enrolled Democrat to the Senate, giving the party a numerical majority, but not a working one.