Zephyr Teachout, the Fordham Law school professor who challenged Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a gubernatorial primary in 2014, has been elected to a post on the state Democratic Committee.

The development is a significant one for the left wing of the party in the state for a new toehold on the committee, considered a top-down entity controlled by the governor.

Cuomo, of course, still holds sway over the committee’s fundraising apparatus and the appointments of its leadership, led by co-chairs Byron Brown and Christine Quinn.

But Teachout, who ran for Congress last year against Rep. John Faso, represents the party’s increasingly leftward tilt in both policy and its organizing politics.

Teachout ran to Cuomo’s left three years ago. Since then, Cuomo has increasingly emphasized liberal policy concerns, pushing successfully for a $15 minimum wage phased in downstate, as well as a plan that provides free tuition to public colleges.

Still, liberal advocates have remained dissatisfied with the governor, which has only intensified after Republican successes on the national level last year.

Teachout is a guest this evening on Capital Tonight to discuss her new committee post.