The Rockefeller Institute in a blog post published Tuesday took a rumor that has been circulating on social media, mainly by opponents of holding a constitutional convention: The claim that failing to vote yes or no in the November referendum will automatically be recorded as a “yes” vote.

This is bunk, and the Rockefeller Institute debunks it:

“If a voter leaves the question of convening a ConCon blank on their ballot, whether because they miss the proposal or by design, it will simply be counted as a blank vote. End of story. In other words, only those individuals who voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether to hold a ConCon are counted.”

The fear, in part, is the convention is baked in or going to be rigged somehow in favor of holding one (a referendum for a con con as it’s known has not been approved in 50 years).

A coalition of groups — led by labor unions, environmental groups and conservative organizations — has formed to oppose the constitutional convention.

Updated: A spokesman for the consortium opposed to the con con, New Yorkers Against Corruption, said in a statement that the group is urging a “no” vote, and is not spreading the false rumor.

“We oppose the constitutional convention because the process would be dominated by elitists -lawyers from the bar association, current politicians or their family members – leaving everyday New Yorkers behind. New York should not spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a process that could leave New York with less environmental protections, less funding for our schools, etc. For these reasons, we are urging every New Yorker to vote no on a constitutional convention. The disinformation being spread takes away from our educational efforts – we want people to vote on the proposal, we just urge them to vote no.”