A former counsel to Gov. Mario Cuomo is suing the state Board of Elections in order to require the upcoming ballot question on whether to hold a constitutional convention be placed on the front of the ballot presented to voters.

In a statement, Evan Davis said a hearing was shecduled in state Supreme Court for next Thursday.

“This once-in-a-generation chance to reform State government is too important not to be on the front of the ballot,” said Evan Davis. “The public won’t have another chance until 2037.”

The placement of ballot questions has become an issue in recent years after the state ended the practice of using voting machines to cast ballots. Voters now receive paper ballots fed through a machine that tallies votes. The concern is that voters would miss referendum questions if they are placed on the back of the ballot.

In addition to the convention question, voters will consider several constitutional amendments.

Davis is part of the Committee for a Constitutional Convention, part of a coalition that supports voting in favor of the convention.

Opponents of holding a convention worry the process could be hijacked by wealthy interests that could reverse hard-won labor and environmental protections in the constitution.