The following is an op/ed submitted by Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan.

Political insiders can continue to speculate, but any talk about Democrat reunification in the State Senate is a moot point.

Republicans have 32 members in our conference now and history shows we will grow our majority in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

First, some facts.

No matter how many times the mainline Democrats or their radical allies on the left say Republicans don’t have a numerical majority, it’s just not true.

We have 32 members in our conference who caucus together and work together to improve the lives of the citizens of this state.

That includes 31 Republicans and Senator Felder, a conservative Democrat who ran on the Republican and Conservative lines in his last election and has conferenced with us since he was first elected to the Senate.

While we have a Republican majority now, history tells us that our majority will only grow in the midterms.

Want evidence of that? Look no further than the last two midterm elections, 2010 and 2014.

In 2010, Republicans won four Democrat-held seats, in route to winning back control of the chamber after two disastrous and dysfunctional years of all-Democrat reign.

In 2014, we flipped three seats held by Democrats to retain and expand our majority.

In the last two midterm elections alone, we have defeated seven Democrat incumbents.

Meanwhile, our campaign operation is far superior to that of the mainline Democrats, and we will use it to grow our majority in 2018. Several districts now represented by Democrats are ripe for pick ups.

Democrat infighting, and the machinations being made by Senator Stewart-Cousins and Senator Gianaris about who would be in charge of a hypothetical Democrat Senate, are academic.

Republicans have the majority now and will have an even more robust one come 2019.