An advocacy group that supports the Affordable Care Act has released a digital-only ad targeting Rep. John Faso over his support for the legislation that would have repealed and replace the legislation, which so far has faltered in Congress.

“Congressman Faso broke his promise and voted for the health care repeal bill that would’ve taken coverage away from 23 million people, including over 1 million New Yorkers, and would’ve raised premiums 20 percent,” the ad’s narrator says.

“It threatened affordable coverage for pre-existing conditions. Americans want Congress to improve the health care law, not get rid of it.”

The ad was released by the group Save My Care as part of a campaign that’s targeted up to two dozen lawmakers nationally.

The spot comes as Faso has said he wants to seek bipartisan changes to the law, commonly known as Obamacare. He backed a provision attached to the House version of the bill that would shifted the cost of Medicaid from county governments to the state.

Faso was elected last year to the Hudson Valley congressional seat, which has been considered a battleground district over the last several cycles.