Claiming the Next Generation standards approved this week by the Board of Regents are “little more than a rebranding” of Common Core, a coalition of parent and teacher groups is vowing to continue boycotting New York’s standardized tests. NYS Allies for Public Education said the new standards do little to move away from the test-based accountability that spurred the Opt-Out Movement.

“Although there have been minor improvements that move us in the right direction, we continue to institutionalize a test-focused curriculum throughout our entire pre-k to high school education system,” Jeanette Deutermann, parent and founder of NYSAPE said. “We can do better.”

The coalition preferred a classroom-based system that focused far less on the importance of test results. Parents said throughout the public input process they stressed the importance of Opportunity to Learn (OTL) factors, such as class size, the number of guidance counselors and physical education officers.

They said the state ultimately opted not to use an OTL index.

“Our leaders are fixated on standards and assessments, not what is best for the growth and development of children. We cannot keep allowing money to drive critical decision making. Children are brilliant, natural learners, who love to explore, and teach us as well. Children and teachers should not be treated as standards or assembly-line products, but should be empowered to learn in ways that will change their lives and the world around them. Parents and children feel abandoned and opt out is the only way we can fight for what we expect and deserve,” Rochester parent Eileen Graham said.

Earlier this week, other parent, educator and stakeholder groups commended the new standards.