Now that he knows who his Democratic opponent will be in November, Republican Nassau County executive candidate Jack Martins isn’t wasting any time getting the general election battle underway.

County Legislator Laura Curran barely had time to savor her Democratic primary victory over County Comptroller (and party switcher) George Maragos last night before Martins, a former state senator, hit the airwaves with his first TV ad of the race.

The spot, entitled “Zero Tolerance” and produced by produced by BrabenderCox, was provided to CapTon for a sneak preview. In it, Martins pledges to battle corruption in a county that has seen its fair share of that particular problem, most recently in connection with the outgoing Republican executive, Ed Mangano, who declined to seek reelection as a result.

The Nassau County GOP backed Martins even before Mangano announced his plans regarding a third term, breaking with the incumbent due to his legal troubles. The party and its candidate clearly want to put as much distance between themselves and their tainted former standard bearer, hence the corruption-busting focus of this ad.

The press release announcing the ad, which is going up with a fairly sizable $1 million buy, notes Martins “passed the pension forfeiture constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot statewide this November.” It also includes a link to his reform plan.

(Note that it did take Albany politicians quite some time to get on board with the pension forfeiture amendment, thanks to ongoing debate and infighting over its final wording).

Here’s the script of the Martins ad, which is pretty straightforward/no frills. It features Martins in a shirt and tie, (sans jacket), speaking to a group of supporters at what appears to be some sort of forum who applaud him at the end.

“We have the ability to great things here in Nassau County, but it starts with having zero tolerance when it comes to public corruption,” Martins says.

“Not only do we have to have the ability to remove somebody from office. we have to have the ability to say we’re going to take away your public pension, because you don’t deserve a pension if you violated the public trust.”

“If you’re an elected official, and you put yourself ahead of the people, there have to be consequences for violating the public trust.”

Martins served three terms as a state senator until last year, when instead of seeking re-election, he ran for the House seat vacated by former Democratic Rep. Steve Israel. Martins lost that race to now-freshman Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi, a former Nassau County executive.

After last night’s primary results were in, Martins also didn’t waste any time releasing a statement “welcoming” Curran into the race, but also slamming her for “wanting to make this about the past.”

“Unfortunately, with what appears to be historically low turnout today in the Democratic primary, it seems the strategy of ‘looking back’ hasn’t excited Democratic voters, which doesn’t bode well for Democrats in the general election,” Martins added.

Curran, meanwhile, said her victory yesterday was “a clear message that Nassau County is ready to chart a new path – that we are ready to put an end to the culture of corruption and make our government live up to the greatness of the people of this county.”

She also sought, as she has repeatedly, to tie Martins to the corruption problems that have plagued the local GOP, saying:

“We are facing off against a political machine that has proven it knows how to win. But we know all too well what the reality of those victories have meant – corruption scandal after corruption scandal, with politicians like Ed Mangano, (former Senate Majority Leader) Dean Skelos, and (former Oyster Bay Town Supervisor) John Venditto being dragged out in handcuffs for using our tax dollars to enhance their own bottom lines.”