The National Republican Congressional Committee has been quick to pounce on Democrats who support the Medicare for All healthcare bill Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced Wednesday. The NRCC launched a web video criticizing single-payer healthcare plans.

The committee points to a study from left-leaning Urban Institute which finds that the Sanders proposal would cost $32 trillion over the next decade. It’s clear healthcare will once again be a campaign focal point for the 2018 mid-terms with Republicans already targeting NY-22 challenger Anthony Brindisi.

“Does Anthony Brindisi plan to publicly stand with Bernie Sanders and national Democrats in support of the socialist pipe-dream known as single-payer healthcare?” NRCC Regional Press Secretary Chris Martin asked.

Martin said it would be hard for the current state Assemblyman to continue to paint himself as a moderate if he supports the proposal. He noted the similarities between Sanders bill and the single-payer bill Brindisi helped pass in the Assembly.

“Before we talk about a new national healthcare plan, Assemblyman Brindisi believes we must protect the healthcare now under attack by Claudia Tenney and her special interest friends — the one that prevents you from being kicked off for a pre-existing condition,” Brindisi’s Campaign Manager Ellen Foster said. “Claudia Tenney voted to strip away our current healthcare and throw millions of New Yorkers under the bus. Assemblyman Brindisi wants to protect what we have right now so we have a chance to improve it, bipartisanly.”