The Buffalo Public School Board will officially swear in its replacement Wednesday for Carl Paladino, who was kicked off the board by the State Education Commissioner in August. After interviewing more than a dozen candidates, board members on Monday, unanimously approved Catherine Flanagan-Priore, a local children’s psychologist.

Paladino had hoped to keep the seat vacant while he appeals the commissioner’s decision to state Supreme Court. Those hopes were dashed late-Monday afternoon when Judge Catherine Nugent-Panepinto decided not to grant a stay of the decision.

Paladino said he was unlucky to draw Nugent-Panenpinto, a former board member, who he accused of being liberal, political, and “best buddies” with Hope Jay, an opponent of his, currently on the board. He said the judge had recused herself in past matters involving the board of education.

“She should have conflicted herself out of the case, but instead she called her liberal and undistinguished husband (former state Senator) Marc (Panepinto) to meet her to discuss how to handle the case,” Paladino said.

He said after the proceeding, Marc Panepinto, a partner at powerful Western New York law firm Dolce Panepinto, went up to his attorney and said “I guess your client lost the lottery today.” Paladino is being represented by a team from Lippes Matthias Wexler Freedman, including former state Attorney General Dennis Vacco.

We’ve reached out to both Marc Panepinto and Catherine Nugent-Panepinto’s office for a response.