Two Democratic state senators want a law that specifically outlaws the possession or sale of so-called “bump” stocks that can modify a weapon to have it imitate an automatic rife — the use of which are already banned in New York.

The bump stock is believed to have been used by Stephen Poddock, who killed 58 people in a mass shooting this week at a concert in Las Vegas, as well as himself.

Modifying a firearm so that it simulates automatic fire is illegal in New York, a measure that was approved before the passage of the SAFE Act, according to the State Police.

But the bill, backed by Sens. Brad Hoylman and John Brooks, would specifically outlaw such accessories.

“As we continue to make sense of Sunday’s tragic events, one thing is clear: the gunman’s use of bump-fire stocks made a horrific situation exponentially more deadly,” Hoylman said.

“Accessories that accelerate the firing rate of a semi-automatic weapon are nothing less than instruments of death. While New York has outlawed the use of these items, a loophole in our laws allows individuals to continue to possess, sell, or transport them within our state – endangering the lives of our residents.”

The measure would create a class D felony for possession, sale or transport of the acessories.

“This is common sense legislation. We’ve seen the unimaginable devastation caused by b ump stocks and other devices that turn legal firearms into lethal fully-automatic machine guns, and we cannot allow that to happen in New York. People intent on causing mass destruction and loss of life cannot be aided by loopholes in our laws. Let’s close the gap, and put our thoughts and prayers into action.”

The last major piece of gun control legislation approved by New York was the 2013 SAFE Act, a controversial package of measures backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the wake of a shooting at a Connecticut elementary school.

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