As teachers unions decry the teacher certification process rule for charter schools adopted by SUNY on Wednesday, charter schools are cheering the move.

“The Trustees made the right decision. The opportunity to offer specialty training and a pathway to certification is smart policy centered on flexibility and quality,” Northeast Charter Schools Network New York Director Andrea Rogers said. “Too many students are still waiting for their classroom hero. Let’s celebrate decisions focused on getting children the kind of educators they need.”

The New York State United Teachers union as well as the United University Professions are blasting the regulation for what they consider to be looser standards for certification.

But the charter group pointed to the regulations only impacting “high-performing SUNY charters” an “alternative route” to certification.

Updated: Add the state Education Department to those who are concerned with the certification regulations by SUNY.

“We strongly disapprove of today’s actions by the SUNY Charter Schools Committee,” said Chancellor Betty Rosa and Commissioner MaryEllen Elia in a joint statement.

“With the adoption of the latest proposal, the Committee ignored our concerns and those of many others in education. Over the past several years, the Board of Regents and the Department have raised standards for our teachers and are working to uplift the entire profession through efforts such as TeachNY. This change lowers standards and will allow inexperienced and unqualified individuals to teach those children that are most in need – students of color, those who are economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities – in SUNY-authorized charter schools. Lowering standards would not be acceptable for any other profession; this is an insult to the teaching profession. With this irresponsible action, the SUNY Charter Schools Committee has eroded the quality of teachers in New York State and negatively impacted student achievement.”