Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday said his campaign has donated some of the money given by Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood movie mogul under fire for a cascade of public accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

But Cuomo also defended the partial return of the funds, saying he’s already spent some of the $100,000 Weinstein has given his campaigns over the years.

“We returned the money that Harvey donated to my gubernatorial campaign,” he told reporters on Long Island. “Obviously he donated to past campaigns is expended, it’s gone.”

Weinstein has been a major Democratic donor over the years and the allegations have forced elected officials and Democratic campaign committees to donate his money.

Cuomo, however, said returning Weinstein’s money is a symbolic gesture and there should be a focus on a broader need to combat sexual abuse and harassment.

“I think it’s the right symbol,” Cuomo said. “But we also have to keep the focus on the issues as opposed to the symbol. The issue is the protection of women and the respect for women, taking action to stop discrimination and assault. That’s what this is about. It’s bigger than Harvey Weinstein.”

Cuomo has sought to strengthen the reporting and enforcement of rape and sexual assault on campuses in New York, an issue he pointed to as needing action nationwide.

“I have three daughters,” Cuomo said. “I want to make sure at the end of the day this world is a safer, better world for my three daughters. So getting into tiffs about Harvey Weinstein’s money sort of misses the point. Do you support legislation to penalize sexual assault against women? Do you support legislation against campus sexual assault in this country that is an epidemic in this country that we’ve covered up for far too long.”

In addition to fighting assault and harassment, Cuomo also noted abortion rights are key to demonstrating women’s rights.

“That’s the essence for respect for women and those are the questions they should be answering,” he said.

State Republicans in New York have blasted Cuomo for not returning all of the money he’s been given by Weinstein. He ended his last campaign in 2014 with more than $9 million in cash on hand.

“In the dictionary next to the word hypocrisy is a picture of Andrew Cuomo,” said New York Republican Party spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Democrats across the country have had the sense to give the money back, but not Governor Cuomo. What kind of message does it send to women and victims that despite everything we know about the abuse Harvey Weinstein inflicted on them, he still won’t let go of his $60,000? His actions speak volumes.”