Gov. Andrew Cuomo was critical of President Donald Trump on Thursday for suggesting aid workers and military personnel would not be in Puerto Rico “forever,” saying the job isn’t done yet for the island recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Maria.

Cuomo noted the problems on Puerto Rico were already deep set before the storm, given the state of the island’s finances.

“How you get from there to, well, maybe we should pull out our support, that I don’t understand,” Cuomo said. “The people in Puerto Rico are Americans, just like the people in Florida, just like the people in Texas. And my philosophy has always been you don’t leave until the job is done. Puerto Rico is not stabilized. There are still tremendous hardships.”

Congress is considering a $36.5 billion aid package for Puerto Rico and California, which is contending with wildfires that have killed nearly two dozen.

The governor, who had traveled to Puerto Rico in the wake of the storm, also knocked the late response to the storm.

“We were late in deploying,” Cuomo said, “but you never leave with Americans in need and the job isn’t done.”