From the Morning Memo:

Republican lawmakers in the state Senate have not ruled out returning to Albany before the end of the year, but would want an agenda in place before doing so.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly floated a special session of the Legislature over the last several weeks to consider several issues ranging from health care funding issues for public welfare hospitals, children’s health insurance and a package of flood relief aid for Lake Ontario property owners.

“Funding for the communities impacted by flooding is commendable but I agree with the Governor, we shouldn’t come back for a special session without an agreed upon agenda by majorities in both houses and a legislative agreement on specific legislation in place,” said Sen. Jim Tedisco, a Republican who represents the Capital Region.

“Otherwise, the legislature will just be spinning its wheels and burning taxpayer dollars without accomplishing anything positive for New Yorkers.”

The Cuomo administration added the issues surrounding the lapsing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program to the potential special session menu on Wednesday with a letter from Health Commissioner Howard Zucker suggesting the Legislature would have to restore the $1 billion gap in funding.

It’s not yet clear when a session would be held.

Cuomo last year had unsuccessfully sought to hold a special session of the Legislature in December that would have paved the way for a legislative pay raise.

This year, Cuomo could remove several nettlesome issues from the 2018 legislative session before it begins and just as Albany turns its attention to what’s expected to be a heated election season.