A bill that sets limits and guidelines for where oil tankers can travel on the Hudson River was approved Monday evening by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The law creates minimum conditions for tankers carrying petroleum can travel on the river and guidelines for areas to avoid.

“The Hudson River is one of New York’s most vital and cherished waterways, spurring commerce and tourism in every community it runs through,” Cuomo said. “With this measure, we are taking concrete steps to preserve the beauty of this natural resource as well as protect the New Yorkers who live along the banks on this great Empire State treasure.”

The law, backed by Assemblywoman Didi Barrett and Sen. Sue Serino, requires the state Department of Environmental Conservation to work with the Cost Guard, Department of State and the Board of Commissioners of Pilots to establish travel guidelines for the tankers.

Conditions for avoidance zones include navigational hazards, environmental conditions, and the existence of coastal fish and other wildlife habitats.

“With this new law, the state is in a much stronger position to keep future anchorages from being sited anywhere along the Hudson River,” Barrett said. “An increase in these petroleum barges would pose a direct threat to fish and wildlife, local drinking water, the safety of waterfront communities, and economic development in our beautiful Hudson Valley region. I thank the Governor for signing this significant measure to help protect our iconic Hudson River.”

The law also gives the state flexibility in in determining the conditions and guidelines for oil tankers on the river in order to ensure necessary travel.

“This is a major victory for our local communities, our local environment and the Hudson River,” Serino said. “We asked residents to step up and make their voices heard on this important issue and the community responded in full force, ensuring that the state will have the power to better protect one of our area’s greatest natural resources. I thank the Governor for recognizing the need to protect the significant investments our communities have made by signing this important legislation and I am grateful for all of those—especially Scenic Hudson— who took the time to help us tackle this issue head on.”