Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration is once again raising the possibility of a special session over the lapsed Children’s Health Insurance Program.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker in a letter sent Wednesday to Acting Health and Human Services Secretary Eric Hargan, raising concerns over the CHIP program not being re-approved by Congress earlier this month.

The state would need to find $1 billion to shore up the program.

If Congress fails to renew funding for the program in the next few weeks, the Governor will have no choice but to call a special session of the Legislature,” Zucker wrote. “However, it is unlikely the Legislature can fill a $1 billion hole left by the Federal Government to continue to provide coverage to all the children currently enrolled in CHIP.”

The letter is the latest in a series of public floats by the governor for a potential session of the Legislature before the end of the year.

On Wednesday, Cuomo wrote to upstate lawmakers suggesting more flood relief aid would be made available for property owners impacted along Lake Ontario.

And previously, Cuomo had repeatedly suggested cuts to the Disproportionate Share Hospital program would necessitate a session of the Assembly and Senate as well.

Lawmakers this year granted the administration the power to make changes to the budget that could be countered with legislative action. It’s not clear where the $1 billion in funding for CHIP would come from, given the state’s $4 billion deficit as estimated by Cuomo last month.