The organization that represents sheriff’s deputies is not pleased with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to veto a measure that would have provided a pension boost to deputies and corrections officers.

The bill would have allowed officers to take an optional 20-year retirement plan. It was vetoed by Cuomo, who pointed to the cost of the measure that had no clear method of funding it.

But New York State Deputies Association President Norma Itjen disagreed, saying it isn’t “a unfunded mandate” for taxpayers and local governments would have had to negotiate with their local union.

“As past labor history would indicate when a union negotiates a retirement benefit they end up giving up a pay raise or another fiscal benefit with the county,” Itjen said in a statement. “This would most likely offset any additional cost to the counties. What the Governor does do by vetoing this bill is take the burden of saying no away from the local counties and the ability to negotiate this from the unions.”