The State Police are being asked to review an incident at the home of Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse, he said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Out of an abundant of caution, I, alongside the Cohoes police department, asked for the New York State Police to also review the matter,” Morse said. “Again, at this time, I ask for privacy for my family and I during this challenging time.”

Cohoes police had responded to a 911 call to Morse’s home on Friday in which his wife had told an emergency dispatcher that he was choking her — allegations later “discounted” by police. Morse himself later said the dispute was over a family member and he has insisted he never hurt his wife.

Morse was later seen with his wife and one of the officers who responded to the call at the Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady.

“Despite a call to respect my family’s privacy during this difficult, challenging ordeal as we handle – as a family – a personal situation with our child, the media reports continue to change and promote falsehoods in spite of the facts,” Morse said. “For my family to have to go through this situation as publicly as it unfortunately has is true tragedy of this.”

Morse was a 2012 Democratic candidate for the state Senate held by Sen. Neil Breslin, losing to him in a primary backed by the Independent Democratic Conference.