From the Morning Memo:

Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen has been in Israel for more than week. The pastor is on an interfaith mission trip to learn more about the views of Christians, Muslims, and Jews and their conflicts in the Middle East.

Before he heads home later today, Pridgen believes he might see that conflict up close.

Making good on a 2016 campaign pledge, President Donald Trump yesterday formally recognized Jerusalem as the nation’s capital, and set forth a plan to eventually move the U.S. embassy there from Tel Aviv.

Pridgen said he was in Jerusalem earlier this week, where, to little surprise, citizens were celebrating the decision.

“I’ve been meeting with people this week, some who are opposed to the move, but many of the people when I was in Jerusalem, the marketplace, the people who work in the marketplace, were very supportive of the move when I was in Jerusalem,” he said.

Pridgen noted he was spending the final leg of his trip in Tel Aviv. He said he’s seen calls in local papers for Palestinians to declare “three days of rage” in response to the president’s announcement, but things had so far been relatively calm.

“There isn’t a lot of discussion about it,” he said. “When I was in Jerusalem, people were applauding the president. I’ve been in Tel Aviv twice now since I’ve been here, and there has not been any movement or any response from the people here in Tel Aviv of a positive nature.”

The common council president said as long as he stayed in the hotel until he left, he believed he’d be safe but also believed there could be more uprising in other parts of the city.