Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a phone conference call with reporters on Thursday once again criticized the Republican plan in Congress to end the deduction of state and local taxes, saying the provision would hurt job growth in New York.

Cuomo in the call said ending the deductions would put New York at a “structural disadvantage” when competing with other states for jobs and businesses.

The proposal, included in the broader tax overhaul legislation, has been a flashpoint for Cuomo in the last several months. Cuomo has rallied against the plan with other leaders from high-tax states, including California and New Jersey, saying it unfairly targets Democratic states.

Cuomo in the call Thursday said those states also are major economic forces in the country.

“Why if you’re trying to help the country would you talk two of the largest states with the largest economic engines and try to hurt them?” Cuomo said.

Cuomo at the same time insisted constituents in the House districts of Republicans who back the plan would be negatively impacted by ending the deductions. Cuomo specifically pointed to the districts of Reps. Chris Collins and Tom Reed, saying that if even a small number of their constituents deduct more than $10,000 in property taxes, there would be broader ramifications.

The call was also another instance in which Cuomo has been in Albany, but opted to hold his availability with the press on the issue in an off-camera setting.