Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie called a bill that would pave the way for concealed carry reciprocity “horrifying” and undermines the Republican support for states’ rights.

“The ability to have people from other states bring guns here into this state is horrifying to say the least,” Heastie said Thursday. “It’s another Republican proposal that overrides what many of us think is best here in the state of New York.”

The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a bill that would honor the licenses of concealed-carry permit holders in other states. New York generally is considered to have some of the strongest gun control laws in the country.

“These are the same Republicans who keep talking about states rights, states rights but want to keep forcing all kind of things on us here in New York,” Heastie said. “We don’t want to deny anyone their constitutional right, but we want guns to be able to be used in a safe way and they’re undermining everything we like to see in terms of our own state’s rights.”