The fight over who controls the state Senate won’t upend the policy work that needs to get done next year, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Wednesday said.

“There’s a point for politics and there’s a point for governing,” Heastie said. “I don’t really see the Senate Republicans really doing anything other than their job and the politics of what runs the house will take care of itself.”

Nevertheless, Heastie said he was supportive of the push to have the Independent Democratic Conference and the mainline conference form a working coalition and gain the majority, a plan that could come to fruition by next spring.

“I’ve always said as a Democrat I look forward to do the day of a Democratic Senate,” he said. “I hope they get it together, as soon as possible, particularly in light of what’s going on in Washington.”

But Heastie deferred to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on when a special election should be held that could add two Democrats to the chamber with upcoming vacancies. Some liberals have sought to have the election called by mid-March, which could swing control to Democrats, but also disrupt the budget talks.

“I think that’s a better question for him when he’s calling it,” Heastie said.