Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized President Donald Trump’s comments about immigration on Friday, calling them “ugly” and “repulsive” while also denigrating his office.

“I think the President’s comments were ugly, I think they were disgusting, I think they were repulsive,” Cuomo told reporters on Long Island. “I think they degraded the office of the President.”

Cuomo added the comments, in which Trump complained about immigrants from “shitthole” countries arriving in the United States, as undermining his campaign slogan of making American great again.

“I also think it speaks to the mentality, that he doesn’t really understand what this country is all about,” Cuomo said. “Make America Great Again? I don’t believe the President understands what made America great in the first place. Immigration made America, America, right? No one here, besides Native Americans, no one here, who put up the sign? We invited the poor, people seeking refuge from all across the globe.”

Cuomo also talked about his own family’s immigrant experience.

“Generation after generation of immigrants who came from different places and our concept was, come here, we welcome you, we don’t judge you the color of your skin, or your race, or religion,” Cuomo said. “We invite you to join the family of New York and the family of America.”