Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday called sexual harassment a “dirty little secret” that’s been largely ignored until the last several months after a range of powerful men have been toppled by claims of abuse and sexual misconduct.

In Albany, one of the state’s most powerful men, Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein, is now facing allegations of misconduct himself, accused of forcibly kissing a former legislative staffer.

“I immediately called for an independent investigation, there’s going to be an independent investigation,” Cuomo told reporters on Long Island on Friday.

Klein on Thursday called for an investigation by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics into the claim, made by former staffer Erica Vladimer. Klein has denied the allegation.

Cuomo pointed to the propose changes to the state’s sexual harassment claim processes, saying the issue is ripe for reform.

“I think this is the moment when we can actually make reforms we should have made decades ago,” he said. “There’s no doubt that this has been a dirty little secret of society for a long time. Society has now looked in the mirror. Women have come forward and I applaud them.”

Sexual harassment allegations are not new in the state Capitol, which can be a hothouse of inappropriate behavior. Multiple lawmakers have left office in recent years in disgrace after they were accused of sexually harassing or abusing legislative aides.

In Cuomo’s administration, a former economic development official, Sam Hoyt, left office after he was accused of sexual harassment.

Vladimer on Facebook wrote the harassment culture in Albany needs to change and that legislation can only go so far.

“This is only the first step. Legislation geared towards supporting and protecting victims is needed; laws protecting staff from becoming victims are necessary,” she wrote. “But legislation and rules can only go so far. It’s time to hold our elected officials accountable. I am willing to risk everything to help that happen.”