Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie in his opening remarks on Monday for the 2018 legislative session backed a ban on bump stocks in New York, a device that was believed to have been used in the Las Vegas mass shooting last year.

“The list of tragedies and victims grows longer while Congress refuses to discuss gun control,” Heastie said in his remarks laying out his 2018 agenda.

“Lax gun laws are the reason handguns, bump stocks and military-grade assault rifles are crossing state lines and finding their way into our communities. We must take action as a state to curb this deadly pipeline. We have done so much to protect New Yorkers from gun violence, yet we are once again under attack from Washington with a proposal in Congress to allow citizens from other states to carry concealed weapons on our streets. This is unacceptable and we will fight it.”

Current state law bans the use of bump stocks or any device attached to a semiautomatic weapon that makes it simulate automatic fire. However, the sale or possession of the devices themselves in legal in the state, according to the attorney general’s office and the State Police.

Several lawmakers have introduced legislation that would ban the possession of bump stocks in the state.