From the Morning Memo”

A letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo this signed by the women of color in the state Assembly urged him to push for the adoption of early voting and the closure of the loophole in election law that allows for unlimited donations through a web of limited liability companies.

And the lawmakers want Cuomo to put some spending commitments on the table as well, especially for election reform, seeking $3.1 million for aiding local governments to adopt early voting and ease the transition process.

The burden of implementing early voting could fall heaviest on smaller and rural counties and they’ve proposed ways of making it easier for them to adopt the system, the letter states.

“Though last year’s Executive Budget proposal established early voting, in order to fully overcome the obstacles that blocked early voting from being enacted in New York, we ask that you support the inclusion of an early voting fund in this year’s budget,” the lawmakers state.

The fund would reimburse the state’s 62 counties up to $50,000 for expenses related to the change.

Early voting and other election reforms in Albany have stalled over the years, even as more states across the country have adopted the model.

Good-government groups have urged lawmakers to go further, including adopting vote by mail and same-day registration.