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Paladino Calls Maziarz ‘Poster Child For Term Limits’

Several Western New York Republicans have come to the defense of retiring New York State Senator George Maziarz in recent days; former GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino is not one of them.

“I think George is probably a poster child for term limits,” Paladino said. 

Maziarz has served in the Niagara County based 62nd state senate seat for two decades.  It’s a tenure Paladino believes was too long.

“After a while they start to feel like a king, you know King George,” said Paladino. 

It’s a characterization the Buffalo businessman has repeated over the years, and one that now appears to be gaining traction.  At about the same time Maziarz announced his retirement, reports surfaced the U.S. Attorney’s Office was looking into his campaign spending.

What started as a Moreland Commission report that showed $140,000 in unspecified campaign expenditures continues to expand.  The Albany Times Union reported Friday Federal investigators are now examining unitemized checks that were made out to cash, but never reported to the state board of elections.

The latest questions center on funds from the Maziarz campaign account that were reportedly given to a youth softball team and thousands of dollars in purchases from a WNY business.  Maziarz Campaign Treasurer, Laureen Jacobs, has been asked to turn over documents but her attorney wouldn’t provide any further details.

And although charges have not been filed, Paladino isn’t giving Maziarz the benefit of the doubt. 

“In my book, he was the guy that held Niagara County down,” Paladino said. 

Paladino believes the investigation into Maziarz campaign spending is nothing compared to what he didn’t do.  That criticism has to do with what Paladino describes as more than $1 Billion from the New York State Power Authority’s budget. 

That money, according to Paladino, was generated through the sale of unused allocated power.  Money that Paladino insists should have been spent on development in Western New York.

“George turned the other way as Cuomo was sweeping the account for the last four years.  He never ensured that that money would stay here for Western New York’s benefit.  That’s the kind of stuff that bothered me about George.”

It may take some time before Maziarz’s legacy is clear.  While the jury is still out in the court of public opinion, Paladino made up his mind long ago.  

“George is going to walk away with a million, one hundred thousand dollars in his campaign account and Western New York is no further ahead today than it was when George originally took office,” Paladino added.


Gallivan Reacts To Maziarz Retirement; Downplays Questions Over Campaign Funds

Although he was surprised by it, State Senator Pat Gallivan said the public shouldn’t read into the timing of the retirement of fellow Western New York Republican George Maziarz.

“Senator Maziarz has expressed publically his reasons for retiring that he had been thinking of it for a while, that it was in the best interest of his family and his future and I think unless we see otherwise we have to take that at face value,” Gallivan said.

A report by an anti-corruption panel released in May that showed Maziarz had $140,000 in unspecified campaign expenditures, followed by the revelation his former chief of staff was issued a Federal subpoena has sparked a new conversation over how this money can and should be spent.

“It wasn’t talking about taxpayer dollars. It was talking about voluntary campaign contributions and of course the expenditures of campaign contributions are guided by the Executive Law,” said Gallivan.

Gallivan’s name also appeared on the now defunct Moreland Commission Report.  It showed he had $80,000 in unspecified campaign expenditures dating back more than five years.

“When that happened I directed my campaign staff to look at our filings. We’ve always tried to endeavor to comply with the law but I asked them to look at our filings to ensure that we are in full compliance with the law,” Gallivan said.

Democratic Erie County Board of Elections Commissioner Dennis Ward said there’s a lot of gray area when it comes to campaign finance law in New York State.  He said expenditures from private campaign donations, under $100 don’t have to be itemized.

“That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to keep the records so that if you are audited, at a point down the road, that you have to still have the records for such expenditures,” Ward said.

Ward said the Moreland Commission; even if it was still active, had no power to prosecute.  There are also questions as to whether or not a commission appointed by the executive branch even had the authority to investigate the legislative branch of state government.

“Is it sufficiently clear? No. Our law should be strengthened and it should be tightened up to define a lot more of these expenses that would appear to people to be personal expenditures,” Ward added.

Gallivan hopes the public will keep a few things in mind before passing judgment solely on the findings of the Moreland Commission.

“My understanding is that they looked at the campaign filings of every member of the the legislature so in some way shape or form everybody was looked at, some questions were raised and that’s ok that some questions were raised because that gives you a chance to make sure you’re doing things the right way and again I’m confident that our filing, after review, are fully up to snuff and are in full compliance with the law,” Gallivan added.

Buffalo Teachers Union Backs Teachout

Most of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Zephyr Teachout’s more than 45,000 signatures to get on the September primary ballot came from the New York City area. But at least 600 came from Buffalo.

The President of the Buffalo Teachers Federation, Phil Rumore, said the BTF decided to pass petitions for Teachout and her Lt. Governor candidate Tim Wu, to send a message to Governor Cuomo.

“He’s supported charter schools, cut funding for public schools, and has said failing schools should face the death penalty. Our members don’t support those positions,” Rumore said.

The union’s move will likely raise some eyebrows especially in Western New York. Cuomo’s Lt. Governor Candidate, Kathy Hochul, was put on the ticket, in part, to help the Governor win some of the Western New York votes he lost to Carl Paladino four years ago.

“It’s a message I’m sure teachers across the state feel need to be sent,” Rumore said.

It’s a stance other union leaders are taking note of.

“I’m certainly interested to see if Buffalo’s support for Teachout could start a trend,” said Rochester Teachers Association President Adam Urbanski.

Urbanski said the RTA typically defers to the New York State United Teachers Union in statewide races but will speak to the BTF and NYSUT, and possibly raise the issue with RTA members in September.

“Governor Cuomo has name recognition and big bucks, but many teachers have been displeased with him,” Urbanski said.

Much of that displeasure comes from the poor rollout of the Common Core.  It’s something Rumore called a factor in his union’s decision to back Teachout.

“It’s teaching our kids to death.  I call it institutionalized child abuse,” said Rumore.

When asked if the BTF would support Republican Rob Astorino if Cuomo and Hochul make it through the primary unscathed, Rumore didn’t rule it out.

“That’s a decision we really haven’t had any discussions on that but it’s a possibility, let me put it that way,” Rumore added.

Gallivan Calls IDC ‘Flip’ A Bad Deal For Upstate Interests

Tuesday Republican State Senator Pat Gallivan was standing next to Governor Cuomo, in Buffalo, as he ceremonially signed a package of bills into law designed to combat heroin use.  Just a day later he was attacking a political deal the Governor brokered that could pave the way for Democratic control of the State Senate. 

“When the State Assembly, the State Senate, and the Governor’s office were all occupied by Downstate New York City centric people from the same party, in this case the Democratic Party, there was tremendous dysfunction,” Gallivan said.

The Elma Republican not only offered a warning of what he believes will happen if the Senate falls back into Democratic control he also criticized the timing of the deal. 

“Before we get too far ahead of ourselves we still have elections to go through.  And June, in my estimation, is not the time to determine whose going to be leading the senate come next January.  That will be determined by the citizens of the state in each of the districts,” said Gallivan.  

Gallivan says it’s now up to voters to block what he calls a bad deal for Upstate New York.

“In 2009-2010 we saw an additional $14 Billion in taxes and fees levied.  I don’t think one party control of government is a good thing.  We do need the checks and balance and in a case like this we go back to 2009-2010 and citizens should be rightly concerned if we were to go back to that.  And the citizens of Upstate especially should be concerned their futures will be controlled by New York City and New York City interests,” Gallivan added.

Cuomo On Bills: ‘Only If You Really Need A New Stadium’

Some unexpected comments from Governor Cuomo Tuesday about the future home of the Buffalo Bills raised a few eyebrows in Western New York.  During a visit to Buffalo to ceremonially sign some bills aimed at combating heroin use, the Governor sounded more hesitant than ever before about the possibility of a new stadium for the team.

“No one is anxious to build a stadium if we don’t have to build a stadium, more because no one is anxious to pay for a stadium,” Cuomo said.

The comments seemed contrary to what the Governor said during a visit to Buffalo earlier this month when he indicated the idea of a new stadium was very much on the table.  Tuesday the Governor had a different tone.

“Stadium’s are very expensive creatures and even if you said well everyone’s going to contribute, the state, the county, the NFL, the new owner, it is still expensive. So you would only build a new stadium if you really, really had to build a new stadium and then you had a lot of money from other sources coming in,” said Cuomo.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said a new stadium would be vital to the future of the Bills in Western New York.  Cuomo’s own stadium working group has been exploring possible sites.

“The situation we are trying to address currently is the situation where the only prospective owners who want to keep the Bills in Western New York need a pathway to creation of a new stadium,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster.

Dyster is on the stadium working group and told Time Warner Cable News Reporter Ryan Whalen he wasn’t surprised by the Governor’s comments.

“None of us who are elected officials want to spend any more of the taxpayers money than we absolutely need to and if we could get a prospective owner who would sign onto keeping the team here long-term on the basis of the improvements that are currently being made to Ralph Wilson Stadium, I don’t think you’d find anyone in Western New York who would object to that,” Dyster added.

The Bills are entering year two of a ten year lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park.  The state and Erie County are spending millions renovating the Bills’ current home this offseason.

Despite Goodell’s comments Cuomo said he would only support public financing for a new stadium if it was the only way to keep the Bills in Western New York.  After Tuesday’s comments it appears Cuomo isn’t convinced that’s the case.

“We’re in the process of spending a lot improving the current stadium and again this would be if there was a new owner and if the new owner and the NFL say there has to be a new stadium then the question would be when and what are the terms and who’s contributing,” Cuomo said.

As for who will buy the team, Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday he was the only potential owner who would keep the team in Buffalo.  Cuomo laughed when asked about the tweet.

“It must be true if he tweeted it. Who could argue with that?”

Cuomo said at this point there are a number of bidders, besides Trump, interesting in keeping the team here in Western New York.

“The bid package is out and people are considering it and I think you’ll have a number of bids that are attractive that will come in,” Cuomo added.

Astorino Questions Hochul’s ‘Investments’

During a two day campaign swing through Western New York Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino took a swing at Lt. Governor Candidate and Buffalo area Democrat Kathy Hochul.

“With her investments she exported business to China, jobs to China.  Andrew Cuomo is exporting New Yorkers to other states they’re perfect for eachother.  They’ll be just a disaster together,” Astorino said.

It’s an attack Chris Collins’ campaign used against Hochul during the 2012 Congressional race, and one the Hochul campaign called an outright lie.  The Collins camp suggested Hochul had profited from investments in companies that do business with and outsource jobs to China, India, and Russia.

Astorino’s comments come after weeks of attacks from Hochul over the Governor’s Buffalo Billion initiative.  Astorino continued to call the sustainability of the investment program into question Wednesday Night.

“You can’t just build buildings and then have the same problems come back in five years, because the root problems are not being fixed.  That’s in Albany.  But if you still have the same old crushing taxes, and the same old burdens and an anti-business climate no matter how many new buildings you build, and they may be filled for a couple years but then they’ll start leaving like everyone else is doing today,” Astorino added.

Astorino will be in touring local projects in Buffalo Thursday Morning before holding campaign events in Rochester and Syracuse.

Decorated Iraq War Veteran Calls POW Exchange ‘An Impeachable Offense’

Iraq War veteran and former Congressional Candidate David Bellavia has been a vocal critic of President Obama but Monday he took things to a whole new level.  The Silver Star recipient and author sounded off following the controversial prisoner of war exchange over the weekend.

“I mean let’s be honest. This is an impeachable offense,” Bellavia said. 

The Taliban released U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five of their members that had been detained at Guantanamo Bay.  Bellavia told Time Warner Cable News Reporter Ryan Whalen he wasn’t exactly in favor of the move.

“What the Taliban just got was their version of MacArthur, Patton and the CIA director all in one,” said Bellavia.

Republicans in Congress have expressed concerns with the potential precedent the prisoner exchange could set.  Bellavia wasn’t the only one who echoed those concerns.

“It’s something we want to look at because obviously we want to make sure our men and women who are serving abroad are safe and are not being targeted as perhaps future hostages,” said Senator Kirsten Gillbrand, D-NY. 

Why Bergdahl disappeared in the first place is also being questioned.   After speaking with the Bergdahl’s squad leader and members of his company, Bellavia believes he not only deserted, he defected.

“He walked off the base. There’s no argument about that. There’s no debate. He learned Poshtu. He converted to the religion and this is not Stockholm syndrome. He did this beforehand,” said Bellavia.

Bergdahl is recovering at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany; once his medical condition has improved U.S. Defense Officials hope to learn more about his disappearance. When he returns home, Bellavia said Bergdahl should be received as a criminal, not a hero.

“I hope that his parents get to see him but they should visit him in Leavenworth (Federal Prison)  because that’s where he belongs. Six men lost their lives trying to find this kid,” Bellavia said.

The White House pushed back claiming members of Congress had been well aware of the effort to recover Bergdahl for years describing the exchange as “entirely consistent with past practice.” Bellavia says the administration was caught off guard by the criticism. 

“I think he (Obama) expected us to have a parade for him (Bergdahl) and unfortunately it shows that these advisors that are around this President aren’t ready for primetime,” Bellavia added.

Erie County Democrats Favor Grant Over Senator Kennedy

Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant got a pretty big boost in her efforts to unseat fellow Democrat Tim Kennedy in the New York State Senate.  Grant was endorsed by the Erie County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee Wednesday Night.

“I think it was an overwhelming show of support for Betty Jean Grant to move in a new direction for that senate seat,” said Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Jeremy Zellner.

Grant narrowly lost a Democratic primary to Kennedy in the 63rd State Senate District back in 2012.  Kennedy was the endorsed democrat two years ago but fell out of favor with leadership when it was revealed he donated money to a Political Action Committee that funded challenges to party endorsed candidates.

“A lot of the leaders in our organization felt slighted by that.  And it damaged our organization.  So I think what you saw tonight was kind of coalescing around a candidate that has a proven track record, who’s a steadfast supporter of issues, of women’s issues, LGBT equality issues, such as Betty Jean Grant,” Zellner said.

Not only is Grant one of five Vice-Chairs of the Erie County Democratic Committee; the ties between her and Zellner run deep.

Zellner worked as Chief of Staff for the Erie County Legislature when Grant was Chairwoman.  Grant and the Democrats lost the majority last November.

“I’ve learned a lot from Betty Jean over the last ten years.  She’s a fighter for this community and no one’s going to fight like she will if she gets elected to Albany,” said Zellner.

Kennedy was quick to respond to the endorsement in a strongly worded statement:

“Once again, the party bosses are attempting to stand in the way of the progress and momentum that we have created in Western New York and New York State. This time, I am not just taking on the party bosses in Western New York, but also the Republican-led coalition in the Senate that is supporting my opponent. I came to the Senate because I wanted to make positive changes for our community. So, while the Chairman plays petty politics, I’m busy in Albany delivering real results for the people of Western New York. From job creation and economic development brought by the Buffalo Billion, to stronger protections for children and victims of domestic violence, I remain committed to improving the quality of life for all Western New Yorkers.”

Zellner found Kennedy’s statement “shocking.”  He pointed out the PAC Kennedy donated to is run by former Erie County Party Chairman Steve Pigeon.

“I think a lot of the reason that people supported Betty Jean tonight is because they wanted to get away from Steve Pigeon’s politics.  His divisiveness and his destruction left the party in shambles 12 years ago.  Tim does nothing without talking to Steve Pigeon,” Zellner added.



Trump Ready To Put In Bid For Bills

Western New Yorkers have been down this road before.  But desperate to keep their football team, it’s likely many will welcome a potential Donald Trump Bid on the Bills.    

During an appearance at the National Press Club in Washington Tuesday, the billionaire real estate developer and reality television star said he’s still interested in buying the team.

“I don’t know how many bidders there are going to be. They’ll be at least a few. But we’ll probably put in a bid and we’ll see what happens,” Trump said. 

The biggest obstacle, in Trump’s mind, is the cost.  It’s a price that will likely soar given the fact NFL teams don’t come up for sale very often.      

“If the price isn’t the right price then I won’t get it, and I won’t be ashamed of not getting it. I’m not going to be forced to pay too much. If I did, I’d probably do a good job. I think the people in Buffalo already like me.  I have a great relationship with the people Buffalo, but we’ll see what happens. It’s about price, Trump added. 

Even while expressing concern about a high price tag Trump promised to put up some of his own money to fund a new stadium.  Trump has been flirting with the idea of buying the team for much of this spring.

Cuomo Favors Privately Funded Bills Stadium

The Governor’s selection of Western New Yorker Kathy Hochul as his new running mate did little to distract the Buffalo media from the impending sale of the Buffalo Bills.  Shortly after wrapping up a campaign event in Amherst Friday, Cuomo was asked about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s comments that a new stadium is vital to the team’s long-term future inWestern New York.

“I don’t know that the NFL has been definitive that they need a new stadium,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo empowered the state’s Stadium Working Group to studying that issue.  The Governor said if it turns out a new stadium is “essential” he’d support it.

“If we have to go to a new stadium my opening position would be ok great it should be privately financed.  So I agree the less government money the better if we had to go in that direction in the first place.”

The Cuomo administration has hired a law firm to explore possible new sites that could be home to a new stadium.

During several stops in Western New York over the last two days Cuomo Republican Challenger Rob Astorino expressed strong support for keeping the team inBuffalo, but did not weigh in on whether or not a new stadium was needed.