1199 And Hospitals Team Up On Ad For Health Care Funding

The Greater New York Hospital Association and the influential labor union 1199 SEIU on Tuesday launched a six-week ad campaign to push for more health care funding in the state budget.

The ads are part of a multi-million dollar push for health care spending in the budget, typically one of the costliest areas in the spending plan aside from education aid. The campaign points the finger at Washington for the potential cuts in aid and urges Albany to “secure” money to bolster health care spending.

The two ads, which feature a nurse who worries about the cuts, will also air on the radio statewide. The ad buy includes broadcast and cable news as well as Facebook and local news sites.

“Washington’s healthcare cuts have put some of New York’s most vulnerable communities in danger of losing access to quality care,” said George Gresham, President of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. “Now we are looking to Albany to take a stand for working New Yorkers by ensuring that the budget contains the funding needed to keep healthcare accessible to communities around the state. These commercials will educate lawmakers and the public about exactly what we are facing, and why affordable, community care is so critically important.”

It’s not unusual for the hospitals and 1199 to work together. Both are highly influential and deep-pocketed organizations that have sway with both the Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“New York’s financially troubled hospitals have gone 10 years without a single Medicaid reimbursement rate increase while our costs have steadily climbed,” said GNYHA President Kenneth E. Raske. “Now, with the State’s health care funding under relentless assault from Washington, the situation has become untenable. These TV ads will educate New Yorkers and the State legislators who serve them that it has never been more important for Albany to provide significant additional health care funding in the State budget.”

GOP-Aligned Advocacy Group Launches New Digital Ad

A Republican-aligned advocacy group on Tuesday released digital ads in 36 House districts backing the December tax law, including two in New York.

The group American Action Network is releasing the district-specific ads, including in the seats held by Reps. John Katko and Claudia Tenney in central New York.

The organization’s ad campaign is part of a $2.5 million digital effort to tout the tax law, which has come under fire from Democrats in New York, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“All across the country, working families are seeing real results, from paycheck bonuses to an average tax cut of $2,000 thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” said Corry Bliss, AAN Executive Director. “AAN will continue to promote the benefits of pro-growth tax reform for the middle class because families deserve to know how these cuts will provide them with much-needed peace of mind.”

State GOP Digital Ad Knocks Cuomo Amid Corruption Trial

The state Republican Committee on Monday released a digital ad blasting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s record on ethics and corruption in Albany as his former close aide Joe Percoco is on trial for bribery and fraud.

The ad is being released the same day as a star witness for the federal government in the case, Todd Howe, is on the witness stand. Howe, a former lobbyist, has pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud in exchange for testifying that Percoco allegedly received kickbacks in exchange for official acts as a close advisor and aide to Cuomo.

“What we have learned so far in this trial is that the Governor is unequivocally responsible for the environment that allowed his closest aide and confidante to engage in these massive bribery and kickback schemes,” said Chairman Ed Cox.

“While the Governor himself was operating a pay-to-play government to line his campaign coffers, his top aide followed his boss’ model to line his own pockets, both costing taxpayers billions. We are learning more disturbing details every day, but the verdict on Andrew Cuomo’s governorship is already in: he is guilty of creating a culture of corruption driven by power and greed.”

NY-19: Delgado Launches TV Ad

Democratic congressional candidate Antonio Delgado on Thursday released the first TV ad of the 2018 cycle in the 19th congressional district that focuses on Rep. John Faso’s vote to repeal provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

The ad is due to run on five cable TV channels in the battleground Hudson Valley district.

“John Faso made a promise to Andrea and millions of others who rely on the ACA for their care,” Delgado said. “He broke his promise to them, and to the people of the Hudson Valley and Catskills. We’re better than this. I’m dedicated to finding a solution that provides universal, affordable, quality healthcare for everyone.”

Delgado is among a crowded field of Democrats who are vying to take on Faso this November in what is expected to be a marquee battleground race for the House.

Budget Proposal Would Require New Disclosures For Digital Ads

Policy language included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $168 billion spending plan would tackle the transparency issues surrounding digital ads and requiring new disclosure for what has been the wild west of political spending in recent years.

In what would be a major step for understanding how campaigns target individual voters, the language would require the disclosure of the audience the digital ad is targeting.

The language would also require a copy of the digital ad be made available online for public inspection, a digital copy of the independent expenditure and the date and time the ad was displayed.

The proposal itself impacts digital ads fueled by super PACs, which have also played increasing roles not just in statewide elections and ballot proposals, but legislative campaigns, especially for the state Senate.

The places the transparency onus on the platform provider, such as Facebook or Twitter. But radio, TV, satellite and cable providers would also be required make disclosures as well.

The proposal also calls for the average rate charged for the ad be disclosed, as well as the name of the candidate for which the advertisement refers to as well as the elected office being discussed.

For TV, there are already communications regulations in place for advertising shown over their air, with requirements that include the ad having some basis in fact.

The digital ad disclosure reforms come after a 2016 presidential election that fueled concerns of social media meddling by Russia in an effort to inject fraudulent information into the political bloodstream.

In New York, digital ads have appeared to target individual legislative candidates over the years, with little understanding of who was funding the ad.

Pro-Trump Group Pushes Donovan On Tax Bill

A group that backs the tax overhaul and President Donald Trump’s agenda push in Washington is urging Rep. Dan Donovan to back the legislation.

Donovan, a Staten Island representative, is among the Republicans from New York who voted against the House version of the tax reform bill in November. At the time, Donovan pointed to the measure ending the deduction of state and local taxes. The Senate version of the bill does the same.

The ad released on Thursday pushing Donovan is from the 45Committee, a conservative 501(c)(4) group that conducted a media campaign in support of Trump’s cabinet nominations, including Tom Price and Jeff Sessions at Health and Human Services and at the Department of Justice.

“We elected Donovan to cut taxes, so ask him if he won’t keep his word to support tax reform, how can we ever trust him again?” the ad’s narrator says.

Donovan is facing a potential primary challenge from former Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican who was convicted of tax evasion and is backed by former Trump political advisor Steve Bannon.

Pro-ACA Group Target Katko, Tenney In Radio Ads

A group that supports the continuation of the Affordable Care Act is airing a pair of $50,000 radio ads in the districts of Reps. Claudia Tenney and John Katko to urge them to oppose the Republican-backed tax overhaul.

“Let’s face it, an overhaul of the Tax Code and ripping away health care from 13 million people shouldn’t be done in crayon in the margins,” said Chris Fleming, a spokesman for the group Save My Care.

“Rep. Katko and Tenney have the chance to do the right thing and vote no on any bill that raises premiums by double digits, trigger a $25 billion cut to Medicare, all while blowing a hole in the deficit.”

The Senate approved late last week its version of the tax legislation that also would discontinue the individual mandate, a key provision of the ACA, also known as Obamacare. The ads also raise concerns with the tax cuts targeting corporations and the potential benefits for the rich.

Katko and Tenney, Republicans who represent swing districts, backed the House version of the legislation.

In PSA, Cuomo And Kids Promote Organ Donation

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will appear in a TV and digital ad campaign promoting organ donation in New York.

The ad features Cuomo sitting at a table with kids who have benefited from the state’s organ donor registry and received life-saving transplants.

“The Healthcare Education Project (HEP) is eager to work with our hospital and union partners, as well as with LiveOnNY, to raise the public’s awareness of the organ donor crisis in New York,” said HEP’s Executive Director Kirk Adams. “These ads showcase how easy it is for New Yorkers to do their part and sign up to save lives.”

The ad will appear on digital, broadcast, cable and taxi TV. Additional ads will be placed on subway platforms, in subway cars, outside subway entrances, and on sidewalk kiosks.

The spot is meant to boost registration on the state’s organ donor list. Only 30 percent of New Yorkers are registered donors, compared with a 50 percent average nationwide.

The ad is paid for by the health care union 1199SEIU and the Greater New York Hospital Association. Both are politically active and influential groups in state government and politics.

Regulations at the Joint Commission on Public Ethics allow state officials like the governor to appear in public service announcements that are not paid for by the state or appear 90 days before an election. Cuomo is seeking a third term next year.

Democratic Super PAC Releases Ads In 2 NY Districts

The Democratic-aligned super PAC is starting a $2 million digital ad campaign aimed at Republican House districts and GOP-held Senate seats.

In New York, the campaign from Priorities USA will target Republican Reps. Claudia Tenney and John Katko, two lawmakers who voted in favor of last week’s tax overhaul legislation in the House of Representatives. The ads are aimed at pushing constituents to call their lawmaker and urge them to oppose the final version of the legislation.

“Republicans in Congress continue to seek out new ways to help themselves and their rich donors at the expense of the hard working families they are supposed to represent. Make no mistake: Trump and the Republicans’ tax plan will cut Medicare and Medicaid and raise taxes on millions of middle-class Americans in order to pay for huge tax breaks for millionaires, including wealthy politicians like themselves and their special interests donors,” said Patrick McHugh, the executive director of Priorities USA.

“The more voters learn about this bill the less they like it, which is why Priorities is launching an all-out effort to reach voters, educate them on the bill’s consequences and encourage them to contact their representatives and stop this attack on the middle class.”

The Senate is expected to take up its version of the tax overhaul package in the coming weeks.

The ads will run on website banners, social media and on music streaming services.

The spots dovetail with efforts by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the GOP-aligned American Action Network to influence the tax vote.

GOP-Aligned Advocacy Group Launches TV Campaign For Tax Overhaul

A Republican-allied advocacy organization has launched a $1.5 million TV and digital ad campaign ahead of this week’s vote on the tax overhaul legislation in the House of Representatives.

The ad from the American Action Network is targeting New York House Republicans and their voters as some GOP lawmakers from New York have expressed reservations with the package that would limit deductions for state and local taxes.

A version of tax reform backed by the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate would end SALT deductions entirely.

“Across America, working families are in desperate need of tax reform that increases take-home pay, creates jobs, and strengthens our economy,” said AAN Executive Director Corry Bliss. “It’s not surprising that Nancy Pelosi and her allies in Congress are trying to jeopardize reforms that would put an extra $1,200 into the pockets of middle-class families. We’re asking these members to make the choice to help middle-class families over helping Pelosi.”

The group is spending up to $20 million on TV, radio and direct mail as well as other advertising methods aimed at 50 House districts across the country.

Here’s an example of one of the ads, which focuses on Rep. Claudia Tenney.