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Cuomo: Puerto Rico ‘Very Important To Me’

cuomotodayGov. Andrew Cuomo called his relationship with Puerto Rico and officials there struggling with a $72 billion debt “very important to me personally” and said he was asked to bring financial and health-care experts when he visits on Monday.

“Puerto Rico is in crisis. It is a financial crisis,” he said. “They can’t pay their debt. Their costs are burgeoning. Friends are there when other friends need help.”

Cuomo said his work with Puerto Rico dates back to his days as the federal housing secretary, when he would frequently travel to the island, which has a high percentage of affordable housing units.

“I’ve made a lot of personal relationships and those relationships are important on an institutional and personal level,” Cuomo said on Wednesday. More >

Cuomo: ‘Shame’ Politics Being Played With WEP

womensequalityIt’s a “shame” that politics is being played with the control of the Women’s Equality Party — a ballot line Gov. Andrew Cuomo formed last year in the middle of an election season to promote women’s issues, the governor on Wednesday said.

Cuomo was responding to the submission of two sets of rules challenging control of the party, which achieved 50,000 votes for ballot status in the current election cycle.

The “rogue” filings were submitted by Democratic former Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk and a separate package of rules by two Niagara County clerks, both Republicans.

“Obviously they’re trying to play politics, which is not overly surprising, with a political party,” Cuomo said at NYU after promoting his “Enough Is Enough” legislation aimed at better reporting of sexual violence on college campuses. “But it is a shame in some ways because a women’s party is a party that gives women a voice.” More >

Cuomo: Homelessness Has Spiked In City

cuomoboltonHomelessness in New York City has increased, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday, and he’s willing to spend more to combat it.

Cuomo, speaking after an event at New York University, told reporters “it’s hard not to conclude” that there are more homeless people on the street in recent months.

“If you walk around New York City, I think it’s hard not to conclude that we have a major homeless problem in the city of New York,” Cuomo said. “We have a major homeless problem all across the country. I think the mayor is now acknowledging that we have a very serious homeless problem.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio — who held an event across town at the same time the governor touted his efforts to combat sexual assault and rape on college campuses — on Tuesday acknowledged there is a growing homeless problem in the city. More >

Cuomo: ‘Natural Logic’ To Biden Considering White House Run

cuomobidenThere is a “natural logic” to a potential presidential campaign for Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday told reporters in New York City.

Cuomo, who quickly endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she launched her White House bid this spring, said earlier this morning he has a deep respect for Biden, who has been a frequent visitor to New York in recent months.

“I have a very good personal relationship with the vice president,” Cuomo said. “I’ve known him for many, many years.”

The vice president, who appeared in New York with Cuomo for economic-development announcements in Rochester and New York City, is expected to return to the state soon, Cuomo added. More >

As College Begins, Cuomo Touts ‘Enough Is Enough’

CuomoenoughAs he packs his college-age daughters off to school this fall, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday touted the state’s efforts to curtail and have better reporting of sexual assaults and rapes on college campuses.

The measure, part of the “Enough Is Enough” campaign, is aimed at having incidents on private-college campuses reported to police and not adjudicated by college administration.

“It is a crime. It violates the law,” Cuomo said at New York University on Wednesday. “I don’t care what the school thinks about it. I don’t care what the administrative panel thinks about it. I care what a jury thinks about it and what a judge thinks about it.”

The issue has been a personal one for Cuomo, who during this past legislative session made the effort a top priority to see approved in the Senate and Assembly. More >

PIO Shuffle At DOCCS

prisonFrom the Morning Memo:

Another round of changes is being made to the ranks of the spokespeople who serve as mouthpieces for a variety of state agencies – including one that has been in the news as of late: The Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

In an internal memo sent yesterday by acting DOCCS Commissioner Anthony Annucci and obtained by CapTon, it was announced that Tom Mailey, a “seasoned PIO”, is returning to the agency to serve as director of public information after a year at the DEC.

Mailey, a former TV newsman who was the spokesman for Stewart’s Shops before he did his first stint in the DOCCS press office in 2013, is replacing Linda Foglia, whom Annucci thanked for her “many years of dedicated service” to DOCCS. More >

Will Secession Push Lead To Local Control?

upstatenyFrom the Morning Memo:

The push by some hydrofracking and Second Amendment supporters in the Southern Tier to have the region sever its ties from the rest of New York is unlikely to be successful.

But the secession push in New York is nothing new, nor is it historically confined to the upstate region.

“New York City politicians for many, many years — going back for a century or more — have chafed at decisions made in Albany and they have their own interests in having more autonomy,” said EJ McMahon, the president of the Empire Center for New York State Policy. More >

Cuomo Acknowledges ‘More Work To Do’ In Southern Tier

upstatenyAs supporters of gun rights and hydrofracking push to have the Southern Tier region separate from New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday acknowledged “more work” is needed to help the area.

“We have other regions where we have more work to do and I will be the first to admit it. Parts of the Southern Tier — we have more work to do,” Cuomo said during a visit to the state fairgrounds outside of Syracuse. “We have more work in bringing back jobs. The state can only do so much, then it’s up to the localities. But Southern Tier, there’s more work to do, no doubt about it.”

The acknowledgement of the Southern Tier’s economic woes come as Cuomo, more broadly, has sought to assert his own efforts of helping the region which he says has been ignored by the rest of state government over the decades. More >

In Syracuse, Cuomo Praises Out-Gunned Upstate Lawmakers

cuomostatefairAs he touted a $50 million upgrade to the State Fair in Onondaga County on Tuesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo heaped praise on upstate lawmakers he said were outnumbered in Albany by New York City interests.

“Not only do they have to advocate and push, but they have to advocate and push for upstate New York, central New York, when the bulk of the Legislature is from downstate New York,” Cuomo said. “Each legislator has to do the work of 10 people. They’re really in the minority in the Legislature and that’s one of the reasons why upstate New York hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.”

It’s a variation on a common theme for Cuomo lately, who has decried the influence of New York City elected officials in Albany, who he says has had more influence over policy and spending over the years to the detriment of upstate regions.

Attending the announcement at the fairgrounds included Republican Sen. John DeFrancisco, the deputy majority leader, and Democratic Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli. More >

Cuomo To Travel To Puerto Rico

cuomoboltonGov. Andrew Cuomo and a delegation of New York elected officials and cabinet advisors will travel to Puerto Rico for a 48-hour trip on Sept. 7.

The trip to Puerto Rico comes as its debt crisis continues to roil the island. The trip is meant to be a solidarity trip for Puerto Rico as officials in the mainland United States continued to call for federal assistance in order to manage its $72 billion debt.

This will be his first second trip to Puerto Rico since being elected governor (Cuomo traveled there last year during his re-election campaign).

“New York and Puerto Rico have a special relationship bound in heritage, history, culture and family – and when times are tough we stand side by side and offer whatever help we can,” Cuomo said in a statement. “The current situation in Puerto Rico has become unsustainable and is threatening the livelihoods of millions of people – many with strong connections to New York. This trip is about stepping up for Puerto Rico and its people, and I look forward to working together with our partners to help address this crisis.”

The trip will conclude the same day officials have scheduled a “negotiated moratorium” for its debt load.

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