Schumer’s Victory Speech (Part Two)

Sen. Charles Schumer, who is expected to win his re-election bid by a wide margin, took the stage about 30 minutes after the polls closed, saying it’s a “sacred opportunity” to serve another six-year term in the US Senate.

YNN projected Schumer to beat challenger Jay Townsend at 9 p.m. based on exit polling.

Schumer was apparently quite confident in winning his fourth term. In fact, he also spoke to the media before the polls closed, according to NY1′s Bobby Cuza.

“I will focus on helping New York in its every beautiful corner for the next six years,” Schumer said about 8:45 p.m. “That’s the promise I make to the voters.”

One other interesting note: Schumer was out of the limelight before polls in Nevada (at 10 p.m. EST) where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is facing a very tough re-election battle against Sharron Angle.

If Reid loses, it is possible that Schumer could be elevated to that position after a vote by his colleagues.

Cox Now Banking On Down-Ballot Races

A few minutes after YNN projected Democrats to retain the office of governor and New York’s two US Senate seats, New York GOP Chair Ed Cox turned the focus to the state Senate, which he believes his party will win by the end of the evening.

“The other races are going to be very good races for us,” Cox told YNN’s Steve Ference.

“The state senate, I think we win that. We kept adding more seats. Six months ago we thought we could win two…now we think we’re competitive in eight or nine seats. The assembly is very interesting that has been a sleeper I think we’re going to win enough seats there, maybe 10 or more that would give us more than 50 seats and the ability to uphold the governor’s veto, and be a player in the selection of the next speaker of the assembly.

GOP Very Confident In Taking Back The State Senate

YNN’s figures show Democrats and Republicans in a dead heat (29-29), but four districts are still in play and Republicans are leading most of them–making the GOP gitty there is a real chance they could take back control of the state Senate.

The districts still in play are:

7th district
Craig Johnson (D-incumbent) 50%
Jack Martins (R) 50%
42% precincts reporting, Martins leading by a handful of votes

37th district
Suzi Oppenheimer (D-incumbent) 50%
Bob Cohen (R) 50%
79% precincts reporting, Oppenheimer leads by about 200 votes

40th district
Greg Ball 52%
Mike Kaplowitz 48%
90% precincts reporting
NOTE: I just spoke to Ball and he tells me: “We have absolutely declared victory.”

60th District
Antoine Thompson (D-incumbent) 49%
Mark Grisanti (R) 51%
97% precincts reporting

YNN: Cuomo, Gillibrand, Schumer Projected To Win (UPDATED)

Based on our exit polling YNN/NY1 has called the projected winners in the gubernatorial, and US Senate races:

Andrew Cuomo (D)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D)
Charles Schumer (D)


Just after 9 p.m., NY1′s Josh Robin was joined by New York State Democratic Party Chair Jay Jacobs to get his reaction to the projected winners.

“It’s so good to have somebody with his integrity his ethical standards as our leader in this state we’re all very excited about it,” said Jacobs.

“He’s earned it. He deserves it and we’re all very very excited about it. New york is desperate for a governor that will come in and take charge of what has to be done and solve our problems he’s going to have to make tough decisions, he’s going to…he hasn’t shied away from it. So we’re ready for it. That’s why they elected him, that’s the mandate they’ve given him.”

Wilson: We’re Peaking At The Right Time

YNN’s Steve Ference caught up with Republican candidate for comptroller, Harry Wilson, to gauge his confidence before the polls close.

“We’re peaking at the exact right time,” said Wilson.

“We’ve had all the momentum the last couple of weeks. I think voters are really responding to our message of leading a turnaround of New York State government and I look forward to the results tonight.”

Wilson had little name recognition and was down in the polls for months. That is, until just a few days ago when some surveys showed Wilson closing the gap on incumbent Democrat Tom DiNapoli. Wilson compounded that momentum with a last-minute advertising blitz as well as a swell of newspaper endorsements.

Caputo: Carl Wasn’t Polished, But He Told The Truth

Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo remains confident in his candidate’s chances tonight. Less than an hour before polls close in New York, Caputo pointed out to NY1′s Michael Scotto that polls showed Paladino trailing Rick Lazio in the GOP primary two months ago, then cruised to a sizable victory.

Scotto asked Caputo if Paladino’s “mad-as-hell” style hindered him from connecting with the general election audience.

“Mike, you got to get out of New York City more often,” said Caputo.

“People talk like that outside of New York City. People use kitchen-table language and when Carl Paladino spoke, everybody knew one thing: That he was telling the truth. He wasn’t polished about it, he wasn’t glib, he wasn’t in some cases even good at campaigning, but he listened to them because he brought a message of hope.”

Gibson To Win NY-20

Chris Gibson beats Scott Murphy (NY20)

Here’s the view from Chris Gibon’s party in New York’s 20th Congressional district, where the war veteran has been declared the winner against incumbent Democrat Scott Murphy

Gibson will join several Republicans that have ousted incumbent Democrats to serve in the House of Representatives.

DiNapoli Relies On Labor

Without Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo’s coattails to hang onto, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is banking on organized labor to get out the vote for him and help push him to victory over his Republican challenger, Harry Wilson.

Some 1,000 32BJ members hit the streets today on behalf of the Democratic ticket – including the former Long Island assemblyman – and also phone banked for the comptroller, AG hopeful Sen. Eric Schneiderman and two key Assembly candidates in the Hudson Valley: Ken Zebrowski in the 94th and Frank Skartados of the 100th.

A union spokesman told me: “In an effort to keep the Democratic majority in the state Senate and Assembly, 32BJ has expanded its program this year to include a deeper focus in the Hudson Valley, where the union has more than 4,500 members.”

The Labor Press has more on the union push for DiNapoli.

“The partnership I have had with the union movement is very important to me,” the comptroller told union members representing the building trades at the Manhattan headquarters of District Council 9 of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT).

Jimmy Vielkind reported earlier today that DC37 focused its efforts on DiNapoli and backed off the governor’s race somewhat because members felt “snubbed” by Cuomo’s recent anti-labor comments – including during a NYT interview for a story that ran one week before Election Day.



Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy will win today even if Carl Paladino doesn’t.

A WFP member informs me he was roboed by Paladino. (No link).

DC37 feels snubbed by Andrew Cuomo and is focused on helping Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Suffolk County GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle said turnout is high in NY-1.

President Obama will be discussing the results of today’s elections at the White House tomorrow afternoon.

Mayor Bloomberg had a better voting experience today than on Sept. 14.

Gov. David Paterson was incognito at his Harlem polling site. Rep. Charlie Rangel, not so much.

NYT photog Nat Brooks talks about covering the Capitol.

Voter enrollment numbers were updated.

Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos says his conference will act differently than it did the last time around if it wins back the majority.

A Democratic source says a volunteer for Sen. Brian Foley was shot with a pellet gun while putting up campaign signs.

Revenue is down, the deficit is up.

Why we vote on Tuesdays, explained.

This commentator thinks “Client 9″ doesn’t answer the real question behind the Eliot Spitzer scandal.

Bloomberg is boosting the fashion industry.

Goodbye ACORN, once and for all.

Election Day Foursquare.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch said he supports Staten Island DA Dan Donovan for AG because he wants someone in Albany who’s “not part of the operation.”

Republicans got a court order to impound all the absentee ballots.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s son, Henry, had some fun with the YNN mic today.

An Angry Man And His Bats

Here’s Carl Paladino’s Election Night press pass. It’s a collector’s item! Someone save me one!