Altschuler Ahead (Updated)

I’m getting some numbers from the three-way GOP primary in NY-1, with 82 percent of the precincts reporting, it’s:

Randy Altschuler – 45
George Demos – 30
Chris Cox – 24

UPDATE: With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the results: Altschuler, 45; Demos, 31; Cox, 24. Not a good night for the Cox family…

Altschuler is also the Conservative Party candidate, as you’ll recall. He’s also largely self-funding his campaign. Cox had a surge of Tea Party support at the end of this campaign, which got quite nasty, but it appears it wasn’t enough to overcome Altschuler.

If Altschuler wins, it would be a loss for Suffolk County GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle, who backed the businessman originally, but then had a very public parting of ways with him, seeming to prefer Cox instead (this was all tied up in the governor’s race and Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, some said, but we won’t go back into that here).

Ultimately, there was no formal GOP endorsement in this primary, but LaValle said some pretty biting things about Altschuler, bringing up the outsourcing of jobs by his former firm and also his past membership in the Green Party.

Espada Concedes To Rivera (Updated)

Another shocking upset… This time, for a powerful incumbent.

Sen. Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., has conceded to his Democratic opponent Gustavo Rivera. Dean Meminger reports that Espada said he may have lost, but it’s not over. He’s on the scene and we’ll have more information and media soon.

UPDATE: This just in from Joan Malin, President and CEO of the PPNYC Political Committee on the Rivera win:

“Today the voters of District 33 decisively chose Gustavo Rivera’s promised leadership over Pedro Espada’s proven neglect,” said Malin.

“We congratulate Rivera, and celebrate his commitment to protect the health and rights of the women, men, and families of the Bronx. We look forward to his victory on November 2nd and to working with him in Albany.”

And this from Dan Cantor, Executive Director of the Working Families Party:

“The voters of the Bronx sent a clear and unambiguous message today,” said Cantor.

“When a politician sides with landlords over tenants, betrays their party and their principles, and steals from their own community, the people will send them packing. This is a great night for the Northwest Bronx, for tenants, and for all New Yorkers who want change in their government.”

Gallivan Leading In 59th SD

In the three way primary to Replace retiring Sen. Dale Volker, it appears Patrick Gallivan has pulled ahead of Republican opponents David DiPietro and Jim Domagalski.

Here’s how it stands:

Gallivan: 7,192
Domagalski: 6,418
DiPeitro: 5,994

Results after the jump
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Stachowski Concedes, Congratulates Kennedy (UPDATED)

“It’s been a great 28 years.”

Sen. Bill Stachowski has lost his bid to keep his seat in the 58th Senate district and is currently giving his concession speech. The longtime Western New York incumbent lost in a very tough primary battle to fellow Democrat Tim Kennedy.

Stachowski indicated that the 2009 Senate coup and two late budgets may have contributed to his ousting even before the general election.

After the jump is a written statement from Sen. Stachowski.
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Del Monte Losing in 138th AD, Recount Likely

There could be another interesting outcome in Western New York as it appears there may be a recount in the 138th Assembly race, sources say.

At last check, Assemblywoman Francine Del Monte is losing by a hair to her Democratic challenger John Accardo, a former Niagara Falls city councilman.

Huh? Cox Warms Up To Paladino

In June, New York State GOP Chair Ed Cox tried to block Carl Paladino from even speaking at the convention. Now, it’s a very different change of tune.

“[Paladino] didn’t get on the ballot during the convention, but he went and clawed his way back on through the petitioning process,” Cox told NY1′s Erin Billups.

“He honed his message, put some financial strength behind it, brought himself back and there’s a good contest going on and that kind of competitiveness is what makes good candidates and makes good governor’s in the end.”

This isn’t the first time Cox has defected from fully supporting Rick Lazio, even though he was perceived to be the GOP frontrunner for nearly a year. Cox tried to get Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, a Democrat, on the ballot over Lazio at the convention.

Cox has supported Lazio since he won the designee status in June, but as the chairman pointed out to Billups: “Either could take it at this point.”

Long Sticking With His Candidates Regardless Of Outcome

During a live interview with NY1′s Erin Billups during our live statewide election coverage, Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long re-asserted that Rick Lazio will be the Conservative Party’s nominee even if Lazio loses the GOP primary to Carl Paladino, although he says he’s confident Lazio will be victorious against the Buffalo businessman.

“If the wrong thing was to happen, Rick Lazio is our candidate for governor of the state of New York,” said Long.

Also confident about one of his US Senate contenders, Joe DioGuardi, Long said if the former Congressman beats Bruce Blakeman and David Malpass, the relatively unknown candidate will get the attention of Washington and pick up the emotional and monetary support that comes with it.

Primary Night Pics!

I’m updating throughout the evening. Send your shots to and tell me what campaign (if it’s not obvious) and where it’s located.

Also, to see the captions… just close out the ad on the slideshow.

DiNapoli To ‘Look At Voting Problems’

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli weighed in on the unfolding drama at polling places across New York today, saying he’ll review problems at polling places, including electronic voting machines first used during today’s primaries, to determine if a full audit is necessary.

“The problems reported today are still anecdotal, but that doesn’t make them any less disturbing,” DiNapoli said in a statement.

“If New Yorkers can’t vote, or if their vote isn’t counted, we have to tackle the problem immediately. There’s nothing more fundamental to our democracy than guaranteeing that every vote counts.”

The Democratic Comptroller did not face a primary challenge today and is running for his first full term in office this November. He’ll face Republican Harry Wilson in the general election.

Koch For Donovan

The big endorsement teased earlier today by Staten Island DA Dan Donovan’s campaign is former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, two sources with knowledge of the announcement confirm.

Koch, of course, is a Democrat and Donovan is a Republican – a fact I’m sure the DA’s campaign is going to try to spin as proof of his ability to appeal to voters across party lines, particularly more conservative upstate Democrats and small-i independents.

This line of reasoning could play well if the winner of today’s five-way Democratic AG primary is Sen. Eric Schneiderman, who members of his own party – including, reportedly, gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo – worry is too liberal to play upstate and therefore vulnerable to losing to Donovan.

However, Koch isn’t exactly your dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. He has a history of endorsing Republicans – most notably former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former US Sen. Al D’Amato, former Gov. George Pataki for Governor, President George W. Bush and Mayor Bloomberg (who used to be a Democrat, to be fair, and is now a blank).

Also, remember that Bloomberg is a big Donovan backer, and Koch is a big Bloomberg backer. He also has a show – “The Voice of Reason” – on Bloomberg radio.

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