Bill Clinton endorsed Andrew Cuomo and took a swipe at Carl Paladino’s “greatest hits.”

Power companies with a stake in natural gas are among Cuomo’s largest campaign contributors.

District Council 37 Executive Director Lillian Roberts is furious with Cuomo, and siad: “We’re ready for a damn fight if that’s what they want.”

Paladino campaigned at Ground Zero and slammed people who “politicize” the Park51 project.

Daily Intel had the third party gubernatorial candidates finished this sentence: “Andrew Cuomo is…”

The Monroe County Fair Election Practices Committee ruled one of Democratic state Senate candidate Mary Wilmot’s mailers inaccurate.

The Jewish Press endorsed Cuomo, Bob Duffy, Eric Schneiderman and Tom DiNapoli.

The Buffalo News and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise endorsed Harry Wilson.

“Vote Homo, Not Cuomo,” says Kristin Davis.

NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is going after former Gov. George Pataki’s Revere America committee.

Plattsburgh Mayor Donald Kasprzak and America’s Mayor (AKA Rudy Giuliani) endorsed Matt Doheny in NY-23.

Fran Becker is roboing for himself, trying to tie his opponent, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Manhattan Media split its endorsements, backing Cuomo, Schneiderman and Wilson.

Koch vs. Cox.

Great headline.

Gloria Steinem will robo for the WFP.

Mayor Bloomberg stumped with Rep. Mike McMahon in NY-13.

Paladino, the (very short) movie.

Spending in legislative races is way up.

“The Son Also Rises,” by Marist pollster Lee Miringoff.

Vanderhoef Gets The Morahan Seal Of Approval

Sen. Tom Morahan’s widow, Helen, has endorsed the Republican running for her late husband’s seat, Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef.

“Tom loved being your Senator,” Helen Morahan wrote in a letter mailed this week to residents of the 38th SD. “He cherished the support of the voters and took his job very seriously.”

“You trusted my husband to always do what was right for our community. Even as his health was failing,
he was thinking of who would be best to carry on his legislative mission. He knew that Scott Vanderhoef
was the one. Scott has both the professional and life experience to succeed in opening up Albany to change
– to think of the people before politics.”

When Kaitlyn Ross profiled the 38th SD race for our ongoing Struggle for Power series, she noted the large shadow the late senator is casting over the contest that has pitted Vanderhoef against Democratic Clarkstown Clerk David Carlucci.

This race has also become unexpectedly tight. Vanderhoef was the early favorite, in large part due to his name recognition (he also was the LG running mate of 2006 GOP gubernatorial candidate John Faso). But both sides are now throwing money into this race and hoping for an upset.

Vanderhoef Helen Morahan Mailer

Happy Political Halloween

A WNY reader sent a link to this ad (unclear if it’s actually running or just living on the Web) created by Democratic former Sen. Marc Coppola, who is trying to return to Albany by ousting Republican Sen. Mike Ranzenhofer.

The ad has a Halloween theme, which also – serendipitously (or not) – features the black-and-orange color scheme of a certain gubernatorial hopeful who, while perhaps not beloved statewide, remains very popular in his hometown of Buffalo.


Hoping to blunt a controversy that could overshadow the end of the hotly contested AG’s race, Sen. Eric Schneiderman will contribute to charity all the money he received thanks to a legal loophole that lets state lawmakers deduct work expenses even from days they’re not at work, NY1′s Josh robin reports.

The benefit enabled Schneiderman to deduct $35,316 last year in work expenses alone – more than a third of his salary.

Throw in other deductions like taxes, charity and financial management, and he wrote off more than two-thirds of his salary – more than 167 percent higher than others in his wage bracket.

Schneiderman’s campaign said his 2009 benefit was just $900. It will be reviewing all of the senator’s returns since he was elected in 1998 to determine if more money needs to be donated.

The senator’s campaign stressed that this deducation is completely legal, and said he agreed to donate the money to clear up any “misunderstanding.” That didn’t stop Schneiderman’s opponent, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, from slamming the senator at a hastily-called press conference earlier today.

“New Yorkers deserve better than this, and this is the kind of behavior that they are sick and tired of,” Donovan said.

“This is not a person that New Yorkers can trust to be the chief law enforcement officer of our state, someone who acts only after he’s been caught.”

Meanwhile, Schneiderman is accusing Donovan of routinely accepting more money than he was allowed to under law – most recently in the from of a $10,000 contribution from a Manhattan automotive firm. (The corporate limit is $5,000).

The DA says he’ll return any contributions exceeding the limit, but that didn’t stop state Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs from calling on the state Board of Elections to launch an investigation into what he called Donovan’s “blatant campaign violations of campaign finance law.” (Here’s Jacobs’ letter).

DiNapoli: Wilson Should Be Investigated (Updated)

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli today levied his harshest attack yet on his GOP/Conservative opponent, Harry Wilson, suggesting he personally stands to benefit from his role on President Obama’s auto industry task force.

DiNapoli’s claim is a little convoluted. Basically, he alleges Wilson’s former firm, Silver Point Capital, will make money if Delphi, a company that was restructured during the federal bailout of the industry, becomes publicly held.

Wilson has a significant interest in Silver Point, but it’s in a trust that he does not control and won’t, as a result of a confidentiality agreement he signed when he left, until 2011.

Nevertheless, DiNapoli insisted there’s a “massive conflict of interest at play here,” adding: “Perhaps it would be appropriate for some level of government, perhaps the inspector general of the TARP program, to take a look at these questions.”

Wilson accused DiNapoli of “completely manufacturing an issue” and called his claims “totally inaccurate.” UPDATE: Wilson spokesman Bill O’Reilly sent a very lengthy statement that appears in full after the jump.

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Mahoney Backs Donovan For AG

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney is throwing her support behind fellow Republican Dan Donovan for attorney general.

The endorsement comes six days before the election and 21 days after she broke ranks with the GOP and announced her support of Democrat Andrew Cuomo for governor.

“Dan Donovan will be a great Attorney General, said Mahoney in a statement released by the Donovan campaign.

“He has the experience and leadership we need at this critical time in New York State’s History. Medicaid is an unsustainable burden on all county governments and reform is a necessary priority. I am happy to endorse Dan Donovan because he will be the strong voice we need in Albany to bring true change.”

Mahoney took a considerable amount of flak for her backing Cuomo over Republican Carl Paladino.

She appeared on Capital Tonight with Ken Adams of the Business Council the day of the announcement and explained her decision to Liz B.

How Not To Campaign 101

I’m not even sure where to start with this one.

Assemblyman Bob Reilly, a Colonie Democrat who is, in my experience, a smart and deliberative person (he doesn’t even accept his salary, for goodness sake, but donates it to charity instead), had a moment at a candidate forum Monday night that can only be described as…extremely un-PC – at best.

While attempting to explain how he fights for his constituents, the assemblyman tried to re-create the voice of someone he described as “a young man by the name of Kyle” who is a “victim of Cerebral Palsy.”

Again, people, a word of advice: Beware the tracker. The tracker is everywhere – armed with a video recording device and very, very dangerous. Here’s the clip:

“As I said in my opening statements, most importantly I will continue to serve you with integrity. I will work with the new governor to get fiscal house in order; but most importantly I will manage our resources.”

“A young man by the name of Kyle came into my office the other day. I believe he was a victim, I believe, of Cerebral Palsy. With no disrespect to him, he said to me (indecipherable). ‘I worry about what will happen to me.’ I said to Carl, Kyle: ‘Don’t worry, we will take care of you.’”

“I will stand up to the platitude of ‘cut tax, cut tax, cut tax,’ if that’s the only mantra that people could say, and I will protect our resources and our people and do that with integrity.”

32BJ Protects Its Investment

32 BJ was one of the earliest supporters of the Senate Democrats’ effort to wrest control of the chamber from the GOP, backing key members of the conference as far back as 2006 when other members of the labor community were either supporting Republicans or playing it safe on the sidelines.

In 2008, the union went all in for Brian Foley, helping him to oust veteran GOP Sen. Caesar Trunzo on Long Island – a key seat that helped the Democrats finally realize their quest for the majority.

Now, with the majority in peril, 32 BJ is doubling down on the Democrats with a $100,000 independent expenditure. That will include the pro-Foley mailer below, which is one of four pieces of lit being sent to 23,000 likely voters in the 3rd SD.

In addition, 32 BJ members have been volunteering to help get out the vote for Foley. Last Saturday, 20 union members spent the day in the Brentwood area talking to voters about the importance of getting to the polls for the imperiled freshman.

A late September Siena poll showed Foley running neck and neck with his GOP challenger Lee Zeldin. The DSCC is spending big on trying to protect the freshman ($202,000, according to the 11-day pre-general report), but insiders are dubious about his ability to hang on next Tuesday.

Foley IE 2

Maffei: Buerkle’s ‘Too Extreme’

Democratic Rep. Dan Maffei has a new Web ad out that highlights the past efforts of his GOP opponent, Ann Marie Buerkle, as an anti-abortion activist and deems her “too extreme” to represent NY-25.

The video uses old news clips to detail the extent of Buerkle’s work in the pro-life movement, adding: “She even marched in a rally where a dead fetus was carried through the streets of Syracuse.”

It goes on to dub Buerkle “the Tea Party darling of upstate New York,” noting she has questioned the veracity of the science on climate change and accepted the endorsement of former Alaska Gov./2008 VP candidate Sarah Palin.

DNC’s ‘Single Thing’

The DNC joined the pushback on Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell for saying the “single most important thing” to the Republican Party is to limit President Obama to a single term, releasing this new video to highlight his comments.

The White House slammed McConnell for the statement, which came during a recent interview with the National Journal, accusing the GOP of favoring gridlock between now and the 2012 election.