21st Congressional District

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R)

is running for a second term in Congress after a confident win in 2014.

There are currently two candidates running against her.

Stefanik has the edge in enrollment in her district, with an additional 50,000 Republicans registered to vote over Democrats.

The Candidates

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R) Stefanik became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress in 2014 after a confident victory over Democrat Aaron Woolf. Stefanik has received strong support from her party since being elected despite her opposition to a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding. Stefanik also acknowledges that climate change is at least partly caused by human activity.
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Mike Derrick (D) Derrick is a retired army colonel, having served 28 years in various missions around the globe. Following his service, Derrick also served as an adviser at the U.S. State Department. Derrick is a native to North Country town Peru.
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Matt Funiciello (G) Funiciello is the Green Party candidate in the race. He also ran in 2012 on the Green Party line and actually garnered almost 20,000 votes. He is a bakery owner in South Glens Falls.
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