24th Congressional District

Congressman John Katko (R)

is running for a second term in Congress after beating out incumbent Dan Maffei in 2014.

Three Democrats have filed to run against him.

Though Katko did have a confident win in 2014, Democratic enrollment is higher in the 24th Congressional District than Republican.

The Candidates

Congressman John Katko (R) Katko won a decisive victory over Democrat Dan Maffei in 2014. Katko has been an advocate for increased anti-terrorism efforts, including a more rigorous screening process for Syrian refugees. Local officials have tried to tie Katko to the Republican establishment, which would most likely hurt his chances in a district with more Democrats than Republicans – especially in a presidential election year.
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Colleen Deacon (D) Deacon is a Syracuse native that most recently served on the staff of New York’s Junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. She also served as press secretary for Matt Driscoll when he was mayor of Syracuse. Current Mayor Stephanie Miner has endorsed her house bid.
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Eric Kingson (D) Kingson is a professor from Syracuse University. He has worked to protect and expand social security, and believes in increasing benefits under the current system and enacting paid family leave.
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Steve Williams (D) Williams is a lawyer and former naval officer. Top priorities listed on his website include protecting social security, lowering energy costs, and managing student debt.
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Mimi Satter (WFP) Satter is a Syracuse-based union-side labor lawyer. We could not find an official website for her campaign, but we did find her law firm’s website.
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