3rd Congressional District

Congressman Steve Israel (D)

announced in early January that he would not seek re-election in 2016.

As of now, one Republican and five Democrats remain in the race.

With Jack Martins not facing a primary, his seat is open in the State Senate.

Who’s Still In

State Senator Jack Martins (R) Martins is currently serving his third term in the State Senate. Before he was elected to the chamber, he was mayor of the village of Mineola for eight years. If Martins does win the seat, it would leave his spot open in the State Senate, where many believe the way to a Democratic majority is through Long Island. Martins was elected to the State Senate in 2010.
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Jon Kaiman (D) Kaiman is the director of the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority and a Special Adviser on Superstorm Sandy relief to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Kaiman said he will give up his work with the state to run for the seat full-time. He was previously Town Supervisor for North Hempstead.
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Thomas Suozzi (D) Suozzi served as Nassau County Executive from 2002 to 2009. During that time he also ran against former Governor Eliot Spitzer in the Democratic primary for governor in 2006. He dropped out of the race after losing the nomination.
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Anna Kaplan (D) Kaplan is reportedly a Town Board member in North Hempstead in Nassau County.
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Steve Stern (D) Stern is a Democrat from Suffolk County, where he chairs the Ways & Means Committee. He has been endorsed by outgoing Congressman Steve Israel.
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Jonathan Clarke (D) Clarke has registered on the Democratic line to run for the seat. Clarke is an attorney and owns his own firm, Clarke and Fellows.
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Who’s Out

Philip Pidot (R) Pidot’s signatures were ruled invalid by the Board of Elections. His campaign says they are working to fight the decision and that voters will see Pidot on the ballot in June.
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Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci (R) Lupinacci did not file signatures with the Board of Elections for the seat.
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Robert Trotta (R) Trotta did not file signatures with the Board of Elections for the seat.
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Daniel Serota (R) Serota did not file signatures with the Board of Elections for the seat.