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Oct. 20, 2014:
- We caught up with Rob Astorino Sunday. Hear what he had to say.
- We have a recap of Governor Cuomo’s trip to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic
- Ken Lovett from the NY Daily News joins us to discuss.
- Plus, a look ahead to our NY-19 debate Wednesday.


Oct. 17, 2014:
- We have a recap of our 18th Congressional Debate.
- We also have the highlights from WMHT’s 19th Congressional Debate.


Oct. 7, 2014:
- Candidates for Comptroller have agreed to a debate on Time Warner Cable News.
- Astorino’s also agreed to a debate but isn’t happy with the terms.
- We have reaction from Siena College on their poll showing Senate Democrats at a disadvantage upstate and reaction from one of those Democrats.
- Plus, Ken Lovett from the NY Daily News breaks down the latest.


Oct. 6, 2014:
- Bill O’Reilly from the Rob Astorino campaign joins us to talk strategy.
- Bad news for Senate Democrats, according to a new Siena Poll.
- We also give you a look at this weekend’s Women’s Equality Bus Tour from the Cuomo campaign.
- Rob Astorino responds to that.


Oct. 2, 2014:
- Peter Kauffmann from the State Democratic Committee joins us to talk about this year’s elections.
- That includes Kathy Hochul’s new request calling on Chris Moss to release his tax returns.
- Chris Gibson and Sean Eldridge talk about the environment at SUNY New Paltz, but mostly just talk about each other.
- And we have the details on the William Scarborough arrest.


Sept. 30, 2014:
- Rob Astorino’s out with a new ad after one slammed him yesterday for comments he made during a 2011 interview on Capital Tonight. We have a bigger portion of that interview for context.
- Texas Gov. Rick Perry is also in NY today supporting the gubernatorial candidate, following Astorino’s visit to Poughkeepsie yesterday.
- Plus, could New York get medical marijuana sooner than we thought?


Sept. 29, 2014:
- The Cuomo campaign has accepted two debates. We have the details.
- A new Astorino ad mirrors one from the 1960s … you’ve got to see this.
- Governor Cuomo was in Afghanistan this weekend.
- Kirsten Gillibrand will be on Capital Tonight this evening, we have a sneak preview of that interview.
- Plus, Ken Lovett from the NY Daily News joins us to talk politics.


Sept. 25, 2014:
- NJ Governor Christie was in NYC Wednesday, but not to endorse Rob Astorino. Instead, he was “hanging out” with Cuomo.
- Astorino shares his thoughts about his lack of love from the Republican Governors Association
- Brian Sampson steps down from Unshackle Upstate. He was on Capital Tonight last night.
- Zack Fink joins us to talk politics between NY and NJ, where he previously worked.
- Plus, an update on casinos in the Southern Tier.


Sept. 24, 2014:
- Governor Cuomo was in Buffalo Tuesday, but not to endorse Mark Grisanti.
- We talked to Grisanti about the race, and Cuomo about the economy in WNY.
- Plus, Matt Hamilton from the Albany Times Union talks local politics and beyond.

Sept. 23, 2014:
- Kathy Hochul and David Paterson aren’t sure about Mark Grisanti’s future in the state senate.
- Rob Astorino says his performance at the Business Council was well received.
- Monday was the first day for public comment on casinos in the Capital Region. Tuesday’s in the Hudson Valley and Wednesday’s in Central New York.
- Plus, Casey Seiler from the Albany Times Union joins us to round out today’s show.

Sept. 17, 2014:
- Part of the language in the redistricting amendment on the ballot this November was struck down by a state Supreme Court Judge this morning.
- A bump in the road for construction on the Tappan Zee Bridge, but Governor Cuomo says they’re right on track.
- Cuomo and Astorino are both positioning their campaigns for Election Day, but on their own terms.
- Plus Gannett’s Jon Campbell talks campaigns upstate and down.

Sept. 16, 2014:
- Governor Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie partner up to beef up regional security in light of ISIS.
- Today, Governor Cuomo is actually making the rounds, traveling to Syracuse and New Paltz to tout SUNY 2020 plans.
- Also, gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s campaign is using Rob’s son, Sean, to attack Cuomo for cutting him from a family photo for their Astorino attack ad.
- Plus Ken Lovett of the New York Daily News joins us to weigh in on the governor’s race.

Sept. 15, 2014:
- Long-time consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader was in town Sunday to support Green Party candidates Howie Hawkins and Matt Funiciello. We sat down with them for an exclusive interview.
- From Friday night’s Capital Tonight: Astorino says Howie Hawkins should be allowed in debates, but on one condition. Watch to find out what it was.
- Plus, Rep. Chris Gibson is ahead of Sean Eldridge by 24 points, according to our TWC News/Siena Poll from last week. We caught up with both candidates Friday to get their reaction to those numbers.

Sept. 12, 2014:
- We break down the results of our exclusive TWC News/Siena Poll on NY-19 (Rep. Chris Gibson vs. Sean Eldridge)
- From last night’s Capital Tonight: Kevin Stocker is confident in his chances after beating incumbent Mark Grisanti in Tuesday’s primary.
- Plus, Cuomo and Christie working together? What’s that about?
- Casey Seiler from the Albany Times Union also joins us to talk about poll results for NY-19 and NY-21.


Sept. 11, 2014:

- From last night’s Capital Tonight: Tim Wu endorses the entire democratic ticket.
- Gov. Cuomo and his runningmate Kathy Hochul celebrate their victories, but Rob Astorino is calling on people who voted against them in the primary to come over to his side.
- Plus, Jimmy Vielkind from Capital New York has been following Kathy Hochul during her primary win. We check in with him on that.


Sept. 10, 2014:

- We recap last night’s primary results, including sound from Kathy Hochul and Zephyr Teachout.
- Ken Lovett from the NY Daily News also joins us to talk more about yesterday’s action and what’s ahead in the general election.