New York League of Conservation Voters President Marcia Bystryn sent an Earth Day appeal to supporters this morning featuring Albany’s current Public Enenmy No. 1: Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.


The missive warns NYLCV supporters to be on the alert for so-called “greenwashing” – when elected officials make noises about loving the environment, but don’t put their money where their mouths are. Bystryn writes:

“As we’ve told you throughout this Earth Day campaign, here’s what Albany’s foes of the environment are proposing to do:

Deeply cut the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF), whose dollars go toward protecting our drinking water, open space and recycling; Close state parks and campgrounds and slash staffing levels at our environmental enforcement agencies; and Steal from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Fund, which was set up to invest in our clean-energy economy, not serve as a piggy bank for politicians.”

Bystryn goes on to make a pitch for the NYCLV’s Climate Action PAC, which the organization uses to support candidates and elected officials it deems supportive of its platform.

Traditionally, a slew of Earth Day events would be taking place at the Capitol today, but those have fallen victim to budget cuts – along with so many other things in Albany and around the state.

Lawmakers did manage to pass a slew of Earth Day-inspired bills earlier this week.