Expelled Sen. Hiram Monserrate was very cagey about what, exactly, he was doing in Albany for Somos el Futuro, the annual conference hosted by Latino lawmakers that is a must-attend for any aspiring candidate.


Monserrate has been speculated to be a potential candidate for the 39th Assembly seat vacated by his successor, Sen. Jose Peralta. But the Queens Democrat refused to reveal any of his plans to me, saying:

“I’ve been coming to Somos since 2000. I come every year. I expect to continue to come every year. It’s a very important weekend for the Latino community in the state of New York, and now I’m just saying hello to friends and doing a lot of listening. Right now, I’m entertaining different offers.”

“..I haven’t made any definitive decisions other than right now I’m just talking to folks and listening.”

Offers? Like what? As it turns out, a book.

“I have a lot of interesting things to say about Albany,” Monserrate told me. “Maybe you want to help me co-author it? What I could say is that Albany is full of stories – some true some not true. I want to talk about some of those…I did have a quick conversation with a major publisher, but nothing has been defined yet.”

Interestingly, Monserrate was the second downstate Democrat to tell me over the weekend that he’s entertaining a book offer. The first was Senate President Malcolm Smith, who said he was thinking about becoming an author, too. But his topic would not be Albany.