Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. held his third press conference in as many days to declare his innocence and slam AG Andrew Cuomo for his ongoing probe into the embattled Bronx Democrat and his nonprofit, Soundview Healthcare Network.


Today, Espada appeared at Soundview with a doctor from the clinic and accused the AG and federal investigators of “scaring these patients and these families (into) thinking this place is going to close.”

NY1 Noticias’ Jonathan Inoa was on the scene, and sent the following comments from the senator:

“I am now under investigation, be just about it, be proper about it, focus on what you really need. Don’t raid our institution in the dawn of the morning, and scaring these patients and families thinking this place is going to close.”

“Every single document that was seized here was already in the possession of Andrew Cuomo’s office. And I know why that happened, so I could be found guilty before we ever had a chance to even be charged with anything, OK? Or even have the conversation we are having today.”

Espada said the AG is seeking to “try us in the court of public opinion before we even have a shot at proving that all this is politically motivated,” adding:

“Because as of June 8th of last year, I became the highest-ranking elected official…not because I asked anybody for permission, but because I forced my way into a room that locked (out) Latinos and African Americans for decades.”

(Espada is, of course, referring to his role in the 2009 Seante coup – move for which he has never apologized and one that infuriated a number of his Democratic colleagues, including some who are now calling for him to give up his leadership post).

The majority leader is scheduled to speak to both NY1’s “Inside City Hall” and our “Capitol Tonight” today. Assuming he makes good on that pledge, you can catch him downstate at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. and upstate at 8 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.